type I FG42 Last update – 07-20-18 – ATF approved and finally back to work on this!


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Ok, it is approved and we are in the lets build them mode.

We will be sending out emails as soon as we can find some time to purchasers of the type II – based on the order of their purchase – to first offer it to them. After all the purchasers of the type II have had a first shot at purchase we will start a list of everyone else wanting to buy the rifle. Same things as before in that it will require a 100 non refundable deposit to have your name added to the list.

We are anticipating/hoping to ship the first rifles in approximately 6 months from now. This is of course provided we can get all of the parts and pieces made in that time frame. But the work has begun!


Geeze time flies when you are having fun – or even if you are not!

I know better but just couldn’t stand it anymore so about 3 weeks ago I scrounged around the shop and cobbled the remaining FCG parts so I could test function/design of said parts. This was done with material we knew we could not in house heat treat but it was all we had and I wanted to play so…..

All day later I put it together and with some minor tweeking it was operational…..   Enough so that full well knowing better I decided I wanted to go to the next step – shoot it!

And shoot it I did – man it is a cool little rifle! Kick about the same as the type II but feels itty bitty in your hands – even smaller than the actual size difference suggests.  And then…….  Only about 100 rounds into the fun things started to not work. Why? Yes, the soft parts just couldn’t take it so now I had wasted more time. Sorta.

We have the new parts made and are going to heat treat in the next day or two so when we get them back test firing begins again and based on what I have seen already it will go to the ATF pretty quickly thereafter for their hoped for approval.

Thats all I have at the moment but I really think you will like the rifle!


Been a while, always busy building type II’s and trying to pay the bills, so the type I just sits.

So……  Yes we have shot it – but just barely – real test firing starts in another 30 days or so……  Look at the pictures and understand a few things please.

First we made the wood butt stock instead of sheet metal because we are prototyping and sheet metal stamping dies are EXPENSIVE.

Second we used the Shoei pistol grip, charging handle, and bipod legs in the pictures for the same reason stated above and because it makes it look more the part. AND since I have large hands and they get pinched in between the back between the grip and the receiver some, and I will be shooting this a lot, the rifle will be wrung out using a lower with a more traditional grip angle.

Third we realize there are things still missing, minor false cuts/oops’s here and there but it is a prototype that has survived being kicked around here for about a year now.

I will add more info later when it is more meaningful but I just wanted to let you see the direction we are going and where we are.The Shoei replica is in the last few pics to give a sense of scale/how it should look.

I have already taken a LOT of flack here about being premature in posting pics but man I really got excited at how it was looking and wanted to share.

Feel free to email me your thoughts/ideas/critiques/etc at smgguns@yahoo.com as all comments to this website are trapped into the spam folder and deleted.   Here we go!



Well we finally have something to show. It’s not a lot but is at about the same stage as when we started posting pics of the type II project……  And we do realize it is ugly, missing things/cuts, has too many cuts/love marks etc etc etc. We will get there. This is just at the prototype stage and we only get to work on this when not working on things that pay.  Ok, truth is we put this ahead of things that pay to get to this point but now we have to set it aside again for a while and build some type II’s to try to pay the bills.

Once it is ready for testing we will post some more pics/vid before it heads to ATF for the hoped for approval. Then, yes, the waiting list begins again! At least we hope there are enough wanting one to have a list.

The first option notice will go out to buyers of the type II in the order they were sold as a number of those folks have always expressed an interest in the type I so we thought this would be a fair approach. Also, had it not been for them having purchased enough type II’s from us there would be no chance of us attempting the type I project!

After that it will be offered to everyone else. Price? That we are working on but the hope is to be able to market it for the around the same as what we charge for the type II – time will tell.

And yes it is a bit rough and rugged looking but look back the type II’s start and hopefully you can see the possibilities…..  Questions/comments/etc please fell free to write. Best place as always is at smgguns@yahoo.com


Rick & sons

Happy to say that just like with the original, the mag just looks too big for the receiver!

Even more apparent from this view……

Yes that is the bolt. And no it will not fit in the type II receiver. Ok it will, but with lots of room to spare!

Thats it for now but stay tuned and we will update when we can.

Bits and pieces……

Agreed they don’t look that much different but when measured they are like the rest of the rifle – almost totally different! Won’t be much interchangeable between the type I and type II……




  • Chris Shipe (1614 days)

    i have always wanted to have an fg 42 so how much would one cost? what caliber (s) dose it come in? do you have a store i could drive to or is it just on line? what kind of thing could be added to this if any? how reliable are these fire arms? may i obtain a polygonal barrel for this rifle?

  • Allan Michalow (1606 days)

    How about those of us that have purchased the type II be able to get the type I with the same serial number ?

  • Richard (1600 days)

    Any posibility to machine a stripper-clip-guide into the rear of the ejection-port on the right side (?).
    Have you started a “waiting-list” for buyers (?).

  • Rick Smith (1596 days)

    Hi Allan,
    Like the picture descriptions stated this is a very rough unfinished draft of the receiver. We put it up just to show the project is alive and actually being worked on. The stripper clip guide is going to be in the finished product for sure! There is no “waiting list” yet – not until we have a shooting one in with the ATF. Then they will first be offered to buyers of the type II.
    Once that is done then we will start a waiting list for everyone else – only seems fair as buyers of the type II made the type I possible. I tried to contact you about 6 weeks ago about the rifle and received no response so we had to move on. Can you contact me at smgguns@yahoo.com?


  • Steven (1572 days)

    Hi there,

    Just discovered you folks a little while ago, before you announced the FG-42 Type 1 project. I was blown away by your work THEN. Now, with news of the Type 1 (my personal favorite of the two), I’m really hooked haha. You’ve got a future FG-42 Type 1 customer here for sure! Please keep up the great work and keep us updated!
    God Bless.

    Best regards,

  • Ralph Demshar (1547 days)

    Hi, I would be interested in the type 1 FG 42 to go with my STG 44 8 mm kurz semi. Any info will be appreciated. Thanks. Ralph.

  • doug westney (1524 days)

    I just read the article on the fg-42 in the latest rifleman. I went to your website and liked what I saw. Would you please send info as to cost. thanks, doug

  • Rick Smith (1523 days)

    Hi Doug,
    All of that info is on the website. The rifle is 4,995.00+60 shipping and insurance. If you write at smgguns@yahoo.com I can send you the first form letter tht covers timeline etc. Thanks for your interest!


  • Tom (1522 days)

    Will the Type I have the raked grip like the original?
    Thanks ,

  • Rick Smith (1522 days)

    Hi Tom,
    Yes, the type I will be as close to the real thing as we can make it. There will probably be the same percentage difference in it and the original as there is in the type II we make to that original rifle.


  • Max (1515 days)

    Will the Type I feature a sheet metal trigger guard as per original or will it be machined into the trigger group assembly? The sheet metal trigger guard seems like a feature missing on all of the static reproduction ‘s out there. Hope it’s on y’all’s rifle, project looks great so far!!

  • Rick Smith (1514 days)

    No it will not be a stamping but will be like that of the type II – machined and welded to appear a stamping but much stronger. The stamping may look nice but was flimsy and if you read the test results of the rifle was a part prone to breakage/failure. My thought is how many want parts breaking on a rifle costing this much? It will have the look but be as strong as we can make it.
    Thanks for your interest!


  • Bill Kestell (1500 days)

    Now that you’ve started playing with the Model 1 … I’ll look forward to the roll out of pictures of the PARADE of PARTS … like you did with the Model 2!

    Looks good to me so far … I’ll be keeping my eye on you!

    I never in my life thought I’d be able to own and shoot a FG42 … now I can see that I’ll be able to have a Model 1 to go with my Model 2.


  • Matt Deville (1465 days)


    I am interested in purchasing a Type I FG 42 from you. Can I get on the list?

    Thank You!


  • Rick Smith (1464 days)

    Hi ,
    When we get a working prototype built to be submitted to ATF we will notify all on the list/buyers of the type II as they will get first shot at the type I. This only seems fair were it not for them purchasing the type II there would be no possibility of us ever making tyhe type I.
    Thanks for your interest in our rifle!


  • Brian Wilhelm (1428 days)

    Rick, I’ll be on the list as soon as you give me the go ahead!

  • Erich Liening (1407 days)

    Wow, again! Well, so is the type 1 going to use the zb30 mags as well? Targeting about the same price range as the type 2?

  • Rick Smith (1407 days)

    That is the plan at this point. There are some costs we can’t control in-house like the stamped parts but if we can get that done reasonable then the target price will be the same.


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