Semi Auto FG42 Project!

A cool German design – made in America. Works for us!


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I will change this date from time to time as many ask if we are still in business or say things haven’t changed much here on the site. All I can think to say is that just means what you see must still be good/current info and we are spending our time on production and not on website updates. Thanks for your continued interest!


Take a look at this cool video!


The rifle was ATF approved in April of 2011 and the price as of 9-1-18 is $5,495.00 + shipping.

To be placed on the waiting list for the FG42 you need to send the 100.00 non refundable deposit and request to not here on the site.

Wanna see it shoot? Go here:

This rifle can also be made Ca. legal by making the mag release to be below flush of the mag well with a small hole requiring a pin for operation. This we will do for free if the buyer resides there.

The only downside to this “California” version is that since the end of the mag catch is what holds the doors closed they will remain open all the time.

For this reason if anyone from that state gets on our list for a future FG42 rifle and does not wish to have the mag doors or hinges period – since they serve no purpose – then we will deduct 250.00 from the basic cost of the rifle.

Ok, It’s official at this point. The lower trigger group housing will be from now on (unless we do something different later of course) be made from steel. Yes, machined from 2 solid halves and then TIGed together.  Why? The reasons have to due with the cost/time/difficulty of making them from the one piece of aluminum and then trying to successfully get the part processed and painted to look “right”. We originally said we would never do them in steel but that was before we finally got the first run of aluminum ones finished. 

  Upside is that it will allow a choice of finishes as we can blue or parkerize the steel as well as painting over either of the two.Downside is it is going to add between 3 – 6 ounces to the rifle that we will try to trim elsewhere but no promises. And all parts will freely interchange between the steel and aluminum versions as well as the complete lower.

We put a lot of time and work into making the first ones out of aluminum and are proud of them. And I can say this has not turned out to be any kind of money saver for us or even a way to “speed things up” but this is our direction on this part at this time. Sorry but the aluminum version is not even an option right now due to the above factors.

And as always, let me know your thoughts

Best regards,

 Please click on picture to see a larger version to see “cut off” details. – thanks!

Latest batch of rifles – almost ready to ship!

Brown grips on from lower left to upper right: Black painted aluminum, “green” park steel, blued steel lowers.

Red/Brown grips on from lower left to upper right: Black painted aluminum, “green” park steel, blued steel lowers.

Black grips on from lower left to upper right: Black painted aluminum, “green” park steel, blued steel lowers.

Blued vs parked then bake on Duracoat finish.

Customer rifle with original ZF4 and Estes made reproduction rings. Wow I like that!

Shop mule with ZFM Swarovski 4x.

Test fired and headed to a hew owner near you! Well except for the upper right rifle with a mag – thats the shop mule- it stays…..

First “from production parts” rifle in the rear, shop mule up front for comparison.

Top plate that will be on first gunbroker rifle – up for auction there now!

Dark stain with a clear coat.

Other side.

These are the choices on stock finish – Raw, Linseed oil,

or dark stain – which can be varnished for a sealer if desired. The linseed oiled on the bottome is for camparison.

Full – FUNCTIONAL – spring loaded mock-up.

Another veiw.

Doors “open”.

Making enough to cover everyone thats on the list as it stands now……

Two great shooters – but heavy! M1A as pictured 10.8 lbs, FG42 as shown 12.8 lbs.

Mockup of where we are going with this – what do you think?

My son with the FG. Why is he smiling?

The business end of things……..

Poor quality pic – we will try to have better ones up in a few days. Anyway….. ATF submittal rifle in phosphate and dark wood and Shop mule rifle in Blue and light/rough wood. Have a view or color combo you would like to see? Let us know and we will see what we can do as we are trying to settle in on a couple of options to offer when we start selling them – which shouldn’t be all that far off…     Note the ATF rifle is “smooth sided” with no case deflector which has it throwing empties about 3 ft to the rear and side. Also allows you to grip the charging handle any way you want and not worry about inventing new words when said deflector does a deflection thing on offending body part – and it will….
Shop mule rifle has cool case deflector which puts brass about a foot to the right front of rifle and mandates an underhand grip on charging handle – or the wearing of gloves as seen on honorable overseas competitors test fire vid……….

Park ATF rifle – natural sunlight/shade.

Notice how the park rifle looks change with the simple addition of a painted buttstock ferrule.

Park – light wood.

Park rifle, light wood, and black grip – a legit color.

Blue rifle – light wood.

Blue rifle – dark wood.

Blue rifle, dark wood, and black grips.

Left side detail of blue rifle.

Blue rifle – top veiw.

Park and blue parts.

Another combo…..


Another comparison of size. The AR15 has a barrel length of 16.5 from chamber face to end of flash hider. The FG42 has a 20″ barrel and then almost 3″ of muzzle brake!

This last weeks test firing of the naked shop mule 42. Primarilly all the steel case and a smaller percentage of the brass cases you see were run through it in the last 7 days or so. Just over 2,000 rnds in the last 7 to 10 days but yes, a lot more to go looking for weakness and tuning of minor issues. And no, this is not all that has been fired in our 42 – just this one rifle. Can’t wait until it is your rifle being shot! (4-09-11)

Another view. Note the grey hazy texture to the inside of the Shoei hood – thats what 2k+ rounds worth of powder residue off the muzzle brake does….. Yes we used their front sight assembly for initial testing as ours were not ready yet – Thanks Shoei!

Front sight asseblies. Top Shoei – bottom SMG. One Zinc casting – one machined from 4130.

Front sight hoods needing final debur and process……

Bags of PITA parts – each about 1/2 the size of a pencil eraser. Yes we had to make them or we wouldn’t have! Any idea where they go?

Front sight plungers.

Rear sight pivit pins – fixed version.

Front sight posts.

A few triggers in the works.

A few firing pin blanks – S 7 tool steel. Should last a long time.

Butt stock release buttons – the small end with the concentric circles are what you will see.

Firing pin spring sleeves.

Butt stock retaining plates. Another part you will never see but is important!

A bag of little bipod plunger rollers. We tried to cut a corner here and omit this but the friction of opening/closing the bipod made us change our minds.

Bipod plunger bodies. Wow what a bunch of little parts to make the bipod work smoothly!

Gas tubes in work…….

A batch of gas regulator bodies in work.



Top plate off shop mule rifle. The lettering on the FG42 and serial are a little wide but will be corrected. The intent is to use smg as the 3 digit makers code and put the acceptance eagle as shown. If you are on the waiting list for a rifle you have the option of both omitting the acceptance stamp (not all FG’s had it, a custom serial number if desired, and any 3 letter makers code of your choice IF you make you choice known when you are contacted for the deposit. Please let us know if you like what you see or not.

Something just didn’t look right about the charging handle from the side on the shop gun. The original was grooved on the backside so we did this to ours. Really helps with looks and makes a miniscule weight difference – for a lot more effort. Hope you like touches like these..

Charging handles about ready for processing.

Can you see the safety bars yet?

Safety levers getting a little closer than in the above picture.

Knurled safety caps “in work”

A box of bipod pivot screws in the works. We looked for a long time for something “standard” but all the slotted screws with the right head dia. and thread /shank size were zinc plated and under that zinc coating was lower quality steel. And, like the other “replica” screw shown in the box, were all thread and we didn’t like the bipod pivoting on threads so……. Yep – make em from scratch from good stuff!

Couple of FG42 magazine adaptors. Despite all rumors to the contrary the intent is to build enough rifles for everyone that wants one!

Example of the luftampt stamp we have had made that can be placed on the top rail of the rifle just like a number of the originals that we have seen in books etc. As I said some – as not all have the stamp and it will be an option – one of many minor options. The lighter struck mark on the left shows better detail than the heavier struck mark on the right. There is more to striking small stamps than just a big hammer as we are learning. I think the stamp maker did well – what do you think?      And for those that feel this looks more like a Weimer eagle proof I only ask you first look on pages 195 and 198 in the book “Death From Above” at the luftampt proofs on those original rifles before rendering an opinion.

Ok, you know where this is going right? That is a FAL mag and yes the intent is to offer this rifle in .308 as well as 8mm. It will probably be about 6 months after the 8mm release. We have not test fired a .308 version yet and do not want to veer too far off track as there is still much to be done getting the basic rifle finished up.  There were enough inquiries/suggestions/requests though that we wanted to show what we had in mind and see if there is any real interest in such a beast. As you can see the FAL mag will set at 90 degrees to the receiver instead of being angled forward like the 8mm. This is an issue of mag/rifle interface and not looks. Please feel free to email me with your thoughts.

Front sight bases ready for final deburr

A small pile of rear sight elevation pins. The sub assemblies on the left show ours and a Shoei. The Shoei has the small opening of the peep toward the shooter and ours has the larger opening on that side. Ours is correct per the reference book “Death From Above” and all reference pictures we can find.  And as per the book this was done to give a better sight picture underconditions of light direclty in front or behind the shooter. What we found out by testing both that the Germans were correct and so ours will be made to the Type II configuration.

Rear sight internals – not the simpliest sight to reproduce!

Gas plugs needing a good home……

Grip frames in work – any of them look like they belong on your FG42?

Rear sight bodies – both adjustable – and original non adjustable versions. Not finished but moving down the line.

A few gas tube/piston/charging handle assemblies. Gas pistons made from 316 “super corrosion resistant” SS. We realize the originals were one piece and not stainless steel but see following photo as to why we went this direction. If you think it is a bad idea let us know what you think and why.

Examples of gas pistons used in testing over the last few months and never cleaned – no corrosion. Have used with Wolf, old Yugoslav, old Egyption, Hertinberger, Romanian.

A few rear sight drums in work.

A box of almost completed bolts. This is an example of why this is an expensive project – a lot of work in these from scratch!

Shoei replica bayonet. Pricy but very close to the original. NOTE: We have been asked a number of times if we could blue these bayonets if they were provided to us by the customer and we would be happy to do it but as they are made out of some sort of zinc casting I think they might not blue and might just disappear into the blueing salts.

Shortened MAS 36 bayonet – real steel and can be had reasonable.  If you purchase a rifle and provide the MAS bayonet we will shorten it and blue it to match as best we can.

A box of butstock caps. Another part that was originally stamped sheet metal that we have machined from solid to make this project happen and hold costs down!  Hope you don’t mind!

Buffer parts

buffer assembly – mock-up spring in this picture

What’s that?

We’d love to see your comments on these pictures of upcoming products!

Old tech but it works!

A stack of butt-stock wanna be’s

rough drafts

Smooth prototype with no radiused edges or parting line.

Final draft with radiused edges and parting line.  Which looks better to you?

Pre production on left – almost final draft on right. Final draft has radiused edges and parting line to mimic the original look.

A poor quality pic of receivers with a long way to go!

More metal gone – still a lot to go!

The barrel to your FG42 in that bunch?

How thick? Pretty slim!

A little different comparison for size with a rifle most of us can put our hands on! A little different comparison for size with a rifle we are all pretty familiar with – actually pretty compact. Better still is it doesn’t kick much worse either!

Lots of punch in a little package!

Full mock-up for comparison. Missing the details but this is where it is heading. Does the overall look work for you? We are hoping it does…..

And yes it feeds and ejects great from that magazine! This will be the last update for a while as we now have endless details and lots of parts and peices left to make. Let us know what you think!

Partially dressed tool room prototype receiver (scrap – unfinished) All new parts except cocking handle.

A little closer……

Lookin good! Ok, I think so….. Bipod leg just laying there for looks.

A few of the parts we have made

They even fit together!


  • Paul J Schonbrun DO (1953 days)

    Do you have an address or POC for your scope mount guy (Mr. Estes Adams)? Can’t wait to get my rifle!


  • johan dierickx (1916 days)

    is it possible to buy a rifle?

    kind regards

  • Pete Mac Donald (1863 days)

    Rick- Haven’t corresponded since Feb. so just wondering how progress is going. On your last e-mail you mentioned my spot was still valid after missing out on the offer- and that more receivers would be made hopefully by mid-summer. Cool new group photo w/30 FG’s! Went to a gun show and met Frank from Melbourne, Fl. He has FG#3! The first GB rifle! Wild! Made me more antsy w/ anticipation! Pete M.

  • DJ Statz TX (1843 days)

    Wow I was just looking over your site, wow you have a great shop there. Sons of Guns has nothing on you. The FG42 project is awesome. Would love to order one, but right now I can’t, well Maybe!!!!

  • Rick Smith (1841 days)

    Thanks! I haven’t watched the show but they have a TV spot and we don’t so they have something!

  • Marchand Romain (1837 days)

    I’m looking to buy fG42 capable to firing semi auto and If possible auto too.

    Please let me infos about possibility.

    I’m leaving in Switzerland

    Best regards


  • Rick Smith (1835 days)

    Hi Romain,
    Thanks for your interest in our rifle but right now we do not do any export sales.


  • Earl Liew (1824 days)

    Gentlemen :

    Congratulations on doing such a terrific job with the FG-42′s. It is quite obvious that you have all put your hearts and souls into these guns. We were all very impressed with one of the examples reviewed by Ian McCollum over at Forgotten Weapons a while back. Frankly, I personally prefer the long-term durability of a steel receiver, and consider the additional weight as a perfectly acceptable trade-off. As a former soldier, I can appreciate the fact that carrying loads over extended periods of time often means that every ounce counts, but there is a finite limit or tipping point at which the need for battlefield reliability and durability on the one hand becomes far more important than additional weight savings on the other.

    Although I do understand that your FG-42 is destined for the civilian market and not the military arena, I still tend to look at a weapon from a military end-user’s perspective. Old habits die hard. Keep up the good work, and never stop innovating.

  • Rick Smith (1822 days)

    Thanks Earl! Had we the resources at the time we would have made them from stampings – in order to please the buyers – but the receiver as is should last a very long time!


  • Vern (1814 days)

    I was thrilled to hear about Your FG 42. I have always admired this firearm. Great job You are doing. In 308 will You be able to supply magazines?

  • Rick Smith (1812 days)

    Yes, as the mag for the .308 is a M1A mag with a modified catch and a G3 follower we will be able to supply mags.


  • Johnny A. Shelton (1754 days)

    I am interested in the FG-42 and can I but in in kit form or parts to build one? I can not afford one complete!

  • Mike Rushworth (1751 days)

    Pity you guys can not export to the UK as what a great product you have there ,have you ever thought of producing an MP 40 which would possibly not be as time consuming as your present project which as a WW 2 fallschirmjager re-enactor think your FG 42 is a stunning piece of first class work.

  • Rick Smith (1749 days)

    Hi Johnny,
    Right now we have a waiting list for the rifle. And even when there is none don’t foresee having a “kit” on the FG as it is a bit more than an AR15 build. We could completely build the rifle, strip it back down and sell it as an unfinished “you assemble it back together” but the savings would be minimal and there is still stuff to know about final fit-up, and test fire that we don’t want/or have time to customer support to the level it would be a smooth home build.
    Sorry, but the FG is not a great homebuilder.


  • Rick Smith (1749 days)

    Hi Mike,
    Thanks! We are proud of it – and still struggle with it’s production. I agree the MP40 looks like a winner but with it having to be a pinned stock pistol, long barrel carbine, or registered SBR it has a limited appeal/potential sales. That and the fact that it was already done by both a foreign and a domestic company that I understand did a great job of but again, the sales were not there…….


  • Earl Dickison (1742 days)


  • Mel Jenkins (1718 days)


    I live in California. Can I purchase the FG-42 and how much is it?

  • Rick Smith (1717 days)

    Hi Mel,
    All of your questions are answered on the site.


  • John Ciolli (1691 days)

    Hey Rick,
    Any projected start date so I set myself up?

  • Weston (1688 days)

    Hello,just wondering how long it takes for you to build these and send them off to the buyer once you choose to order one. Thanks.

  • Rick Smith (1688 days)

    Please address your questions to as comments here get caught up in the spam filter a lot.


  • Ryan Layton (1601 days)


    I love the fg42 that you make. I can see the time and care you put into building it. I just wanted to know if you would ever consider making the fg42 mk I, as they are practically impossible to get as a repro or original. I would definitely purchase a mk I if you made it. Best regards.

    BRAVO 22

  • Oskar (1556 days)

    Hey Rick, saw these really fine looking FG42s and was just wondering if you had any plans to start exporting them to Europe in the future? I live in Sweden and would love to have one because they seem to be the best you can get. Keep up the amazing job!

  • Rick Smith (1556 days)

    Hi Oskar,
    Thanks for the compliment! Right now we are not set up for export but have had a number of inquiries and hope to be able to do sales like that in a year or so.
    Again, thank you!


  • Tyler (1555 days)

    Do u guys plan on
    doing a STG44 build in the mere future

  • Rick Smith (1555 days)

    Hi Tyler,
    Not anytime in the near future – too expensive to make the stamping dies for the possible sales.


  • Clem (1554 days)

    This months NRA Rifleman Mag has an article on the FG-42 and it is a disgrace. Not only are you guys and the amazing work you do not recognized but the author knew little about(was openly guessing), and never fired a FG , but some how felt qualified to complain about the recoil. Sad for me as a fan of the weapon and your industriousness. I plan on buying one of your specimens as soon as I have 5k to invest, which may be never but who knows. I hope all is going well for you.

  • Rick Smith (1554 days)

    Hi Clem,
    Well you are right about the recoil for sure as – and I can only speak of our rifle never having fired an original – that it’s LOW recoil is one of it’s outstanding points. That said though if you do a search of the weapon you get a lot of experts saying everything from how bad it kicks to how light the recoil is on the original rifle. Even we had no idea what to expect until we ourselves got to pull the trigger for the first time.

    And man what a smile it brought to our faces! And honestly the American Rifleman article brought a huge smile to our faces as well! Even though it was not about our rifle they used ours for a couple of pictures and we received the reference/credit for them. THAT was a big compliment in itself as it is like seeing you kid in sports illustrated or something.

    We very much appreciate the NRA’s use of our rifle for the article and maybe in the future they will do an evaluation of it but regardless it is all good! And I have to say folks like yourself that share an interest in the rifle is what made it happen and will keep us going – thanks!

    Rick & sons

  • M urlin Gene Smith (1550 days)

    Please put me on your order list for an 8mm FG-42 ASAP & let me know when you want the money.
    (FYI: I know Bob Jensen of ICT, have been in his weapon vault and handled his fully functional FG 42…))
    Please respond!!

  • Dave (1547 days)

    Interested in purchasing the Fallschirmerjagergewher. What’s next? I know your handling orders, so put me on the list, contact me, etc. Saw it in the NRA’s _American Rifleman_. THNX DAVE

  • Rick Smith (1547 days)

    You need to contact us at: – thanks for your interest in the rifle!


  • Rick Smith (1545 days)

    You need to contact us at:


  • José Duarte (1466 days)

    A variant with a FAL/G3 magazine would be a fine alternative given the abundance of the magazines and possible compatibility. FAL and HK G3 seem to be heirs to FG 42 and STG 44 concepts.

    Good job.

  • Pierre Yves (1434 days)

    Consider you marketing your splendid production in France?
    Because I would particularly interresser by buying your model numbers and good sports shooters in France with me
    Congratulations and good luck!
    Pierre Yves
    To little info, I live in Britain at the meme location or during the war the paratrooper division of General Ramcke was present as the FG42 …

  • Rick Smith (1432 days)

    Yes we would like to try to sell outside the US but not this year – maybe in 2015. Thank you for the interest in our rifle!


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