Semi Auto FG42 Project!

A cool German design – made in America. Works for us!


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I will change this date from time to time as many ask if we are still in business or say things haven’t changed much here on the site. All I can think to say is that just means what you see must still be good/current info and we are spending our time on production and not on website updates. Thanks for your continued interest!


Take a look at this cool video!


The rifle was ATF approved in April of 2011 and the price is still $4,995.00 + shipping.

Just to let you know, the newly made chrome bore barrels are in and they are awesome!

To be placed on the waiting list for the FG42 you need to send the request to not here on the site.

Wanna see it shoot? Go here:

This rifle can also be made Ca. legal by making the mag release to be below flush of the mag well with a small hole requiring a pin for operation. This we will do for free if the buyer resides there.

The only downside to this “California” version is that since the end of the mag catch is what holds the doors closed they will remain open all the time.

For this reason if anyone from that state gets on our list for a future FG42 rifle and does not wish to have the mag doors or hinges period – since they serve no purpose – then we will deduct 250.00 from the basic cost of the rifle.

Ok, It’s official at this point. The lower trigger group housing will be from now on (unless we do something different later of course) be made from steel. Yes, machined from 2 solid halves and then TIGed together.  Why? The reasons have to due with the cost/time/difficulty of making them from the one piece of aluminum and then trying to successfully get the part processed and painted to look “right”. We originally said we would never do them in steel but that was before we finally got the first run of aluminum ones finished. 

  Upside is that it will allow a choice of finishes as we can blue or parkerize the steel as well as painting over either of the two.Downside is it is going to add between 3 – 6 ounces to the rifle that we will try to trim elsewhere but no promises. And all parts will freely interchange between the steel and aluminum versions as well as the complete lower.

We put a lot of time and work into making the first ones out of aluminum and are proud of them. And I can say this has not turned out to be any kind of money saver for us or even a way to “speed things up” but this is our direction on this part at this time. Sorry but the aluminum version is not even an option right now due to the above factors.

And as always, let me know your thoughts

Best regards,

 Please click on picture to see a larger version to see “cut off” details. – thanks!

Latest batch of rifles – almost ready to ship!

Brown grips on from lower left to upper right: Black painted aluminum, “green” park steel, blued steel lowers.

Red/Brown grips on from lower left to upper right: Black painted aluminum, “green” park steel, blued steel lowers.

Black grips on from lower left to upper right: Black painted aluminum, “green” park steel, blued steel lowers.

Blued vs parked then bake on Duracoat finish.

Customer rifle with original ZF4 and Estes made reproduction rings. Wow I like that!

Shop mule with ZFM Swarovski 4x.

Test fired and headed to a hew owner near you! Well except for the upper right rifle with a mag – thats the shop mule- it stays…..

First “from production parts” rifle in the rear, shop mule up front for comparison.

Top plate that will be on first gunbroker rifle – up for auction there now!

Dark stain with a clear coat.

Other side.

These are the choices on stock finish – Raw, Linseed oil,

or dark stain – which can be varnished for a sealer if desired. The linseed oiled on the bottome is for camparison.

Full – FUNCTIONAL – spring loaded mock-up.

Another veiw.

Doors “open”.

Making enough to cover everyone thats on the list as it stands now……

Two great shooters – but heavy! M1A as pictured 10.8 lbs, FG42 as shown 12.8 lbs.

Mockup of where we are going with this – what do you think?

My son with the FG. Why is he smiling?

The business end of things……..

Poor quality pic – we will try to have better ones up in a few days. Anyway….. ATF submittal rifle in phosphate and dark wood and Shop mule rifle in Blue and light/rough wood. Have a view or color combo you would like to see? Let us know and we will see what we can do as we are trying to settle in on a couple of options to offer when we start selling them – which shouldn’t be all that far off…     Note the ATF rifle is “smooth sided” with no case deflector which has it throwing empties about 3 ft to the rear and side. Also allows you to grip the charging handle any way you want and not worry about inventing new words when said deflector does a deflection thing on offending body part – and it will….
Shop mule rifle has cool case deflector which puts brass about a foot to the right front of rifle and mandates an underhand grip on charging handle – or the wearing of gloves as seen on honorable overseas competitors test fire vid……….

Park ATF rifle – natural sunlight/shade.

Notice how the park rifle looks change with the simple addition of a painted buttstock ferrule.

Park – light wood.

Park rifle, light wood, and black grip – a legit color.

Blue rifle – light wood.

Blue rifle – dark wood.

Blue rifle, dark wood, and black grips.

Left side detail of blue rifle.

Blue rifle – top veiw.

Park and blue parts.

Another combo…..


Another comparison of size. The AR15 has a barrel length of 16.5 from chamber face to end of flash hider. The FG42 has a 20″ barrel and then almost 3″ of muzzle brake!

This last weeks test firing of the naked shop mule 42. Primarilly all the steel case and a smaller percentage of the brass cases you see were run through it in the last 7 days or so. Just over 2,000 rnds in the last 7 to 10 days but yes, a lot more to go looking for weakness and tuning of minor issues. And no, this is not all that has been fired in our 42 – just this one rifle. Can’t wait until it is your rifle being shot! (4-09-11)

Another view. Note the grey hazy texture to the inside of the Shoei hood – thats what 2k+ rounds worth of powder residue off the muzzle brake does….. Yes we used their front sight assembly for initial testing as ours were not ready yet – Thanks Shoei!

Front sight asseblies. Top Shoei – bottom SMG. One Zinc casting – one machined from 4130.

Front sight hoods needing final debur and process……

Bags of PITA parts – each about 1/2 the size of a pencil eraser. Yes we had to make them or we wouldn’t have! Any idea where they go?

Front sight plungers.

Rear sight pivit pins – fixed version.

Front sight posts.

A few triggers in the works.

A few firing pin blanks – S 7 tool steel. Should last a long time.

Butt stock release buttons – the small end with the concentric circles are what you will see.

Firing pin spring sleeves.

Butt stock retaining plates. Another part you will never see but is important!

A bag of little bipod plunger rollers. We tried to cut a corner here and omit this but the friction of opening/closing the bipod made us change our minds.

Bipod plunger bodies. Wow what a bunch of little parts to make the bipod work smoothly!

Gas tubes in work…….

A batch of gas regulator bodies in work.



Top plate off shop mule rifle. The lettering on the FG42 and serial are a little wide but will be corrected. The intent is to use smg as the 3 digit makers code and put the acceptance eagle as shown. If you are on the waiting list for a rifle you have the option of both omitting the acceptance stamp (not all FG’s had it, a custom serial number if desired, and any 3 letter makers code of your choice IF you make you choice known when you are contacted for the deposit. Please let us know if you like what you see or not.

Something just didn’t look right about the charging handle from the side on the shop gun. The original was grooved on the backside so we did this to ours. Really helps with looks and makes a miniscule weight difference – for a lot more effort. Hope you like touches like these..

Charging handles about ready for processing.

Can you see the safety bars yet?

Safety levers getting a little closer than in the above picture.

Knurled safety caps “in work”

A box of bipod pivot screws in the works. We looked for a long time for something “standard” but all the slotted screws with the right head dia. and thread /shank size were zinc plated and under that zinc coating was lower quality steel. And, like the other “replica” screw shown in the box, were all thread and we didn’t like the bipod pivoting on threads so……. Yep – make em from scratch from good stuff!

Couple of FG42 magazine adaptors. Despite all rumors to the contrary the intent is to build enough rifles for everyone that wants one!

Example of the luftampt stamp we have had made that can be placed on the top rail of the rifle just like a number of the originals that we have seen in books etc. As I said some – as not all have the stamp and it will be an option – one of many minor options. The lighter struck mark on the left shows better detail than the heavier struck mark on the right. There is more to striking small stamps than just a big hammer as we are learning. I think the stamp maker did well – what do you think?      And for those that feel this looks more like a Weimer eagle proof I only ask you first look on pages 195 and 198 in the book “Death From Above” at the luftampt proofs on those original rifles before rendering an opinion.

Ok, you know where this is going right? That is a FAL mag and yes the intent is to offer this rifle in .308 as well as 8mm. It will probably be about 6 months after the 8mm release. We have not test fired a .308 version yet and do not want to veer too far off track as there is still much to be done getting the basic rifle finished up.  There were enough inquiries/suggestions/requests though that we wanted to show what we had in mind and see if there is any real interest in such a beast. As you can see the FAL mag will set at 90 degrees to the receiver instead of being angled forward like the 8mm. This is an issue of mag/rifle interface and not looks. Please feel free to email me with your thoughts.

Front sight bases ready for final deburr

A small pile of rear sight elevation pins. The sub assemblies on the left show ours and a Shoei. The Shoei has the small opening of the peep toward the shooter and ours has the larger opening on that side. Ours is correct per the reference book “Death From Above” and all reference pictures we can find.  And as per the book this was done to give a better sight picture underconditions of light direclty in front or behind the shooter. What we found out by testing both that the Germans were correct and so ours will be made to the Type II configuration.

Rear sight internals – not the simpliest sight to reproduce!

Gas plugs needing a good home……

Grip frames in work – any of them look like they belong on your FG42?

Rear sight bodies – both adjustable – and original non adjustable versions. Not finished but moving down the line.

A few gas tube/piston/charging handle assemblies. Gas pistons made from 316 “super corrosion resistant” SS. We realize the originals were one piece and not stainless steel but see following photo as to why we went this direction. If you think it is a bad idea let us know what you think and why.

Examples of gas pistons used in testing over the last few months and never cleaned – no corrosion. Have used with Wolf, old Yugoslav, old Egyption, Hertinberger, Romanian.

A few rear sight drums in work.

A box of almost completed bolts. This is an example of why this is an expensive project – a lot of work in these from scratch!

Shoei replica bayonet. Pricy but very close to the original. NOTE: We have been asked a number of times if we could blue these bayonets if they were provided to us by the customer and we would be happy to do it but as they are made out of some sort of zinc casting I think they might not blue and might just disappear into the blueing salts.

Shortened MAS 36 bayonet – real steel and can be had reasonable.  If you purchase a rifle and provide the MAS bayonet we will shorten it and blue it to match as best we can.

A box of butstock caps. Another part that was originally stamped sheet metal that we have machined from solid to make this project happen and hold costs down!  Hope you don’t mind!

Buffer parts

buffer assembly – mock-up spring in this picture

What’s that?

We’d love to see your comments on these pictures of upcoming products!

Old tech but it works!

A stack of butt-stock wanna be’s

rough drafts

Smooth prototype with no radiused edges or parting line.

Final draft with radiused edges and parting line.  Which looks better to you?

Pre production on left – almost final draft on right. Final draft has radiused edges and parting line to mimic the original look.

A poor quality pic of receivers with a long way to go!

More metal gone – still a lot to go!

The barrel to your FG42 in that bunch?

How thick? Pretty slim!

A little different comparison for size with a rifle most of us can put our hands on! A little different comparison for size with a rifle we are all pretty familiar with – actually pretty compact. Better still is it doesn’t kick much worse either!

Lots of punch in a little package!

Full mock-up for comparison. Missing the details but this is where it is heading. Does the overall look work for you? We are hoping it does…..

And yes it feeds and ejects great from that magazine! This will be the last update for a while as we now have endless details and lots of parts and peices left to make. Let us know what you think!

Partially dressed tool room prototype receiver (scrap – unfinished) All new parts except cocking handle.

A little closer……

Lookin good! Ok, I think so….. Bipod leg just laying there for looks.

A few of the parts we have made

They even fit together!


  • Bill Cavazos (2003 days)

    Not sure if its a bad rumor. Is the FG42 Type II you are manufacturing gonna retail for $5000!!

  • Rick Smith (2003 days)

    Yes, why is that a bad rumor? We have it in our website in a couple of places at that price.


  • Bill Cavazos (1999 days)

    Hi Rick, yes I just noticed the price on your site. Wow, had no idea your fg-42 would be that much. As you said, hopefully you sell lots of them and recognize more efficient ways of producing this beautiful rifle. Like I mentioned to you in an email, would like to use one for hunting. What kind of groups can you get at 100 yds with a scope? Thanks..

  • Bill Cavazos (1997 days)

    Oh by the way, try the 100yd groups with the bayonet and bipod removed. Thanks – BC

  • Bill (1996 days)

    Am I a gun nut? After finding out about your awesome FG-42 project I have not been able to sleep properly. I have been waiting a long time for this Rick. Another thing Rick, when trying to get the best groups with your Type II also try using Hornady’s custom ammo in their 8×57. Its the only full power 8×57 loading in the US. Its very accurate and loaded closest to the German full pressure load.

  • John (1996 days)

    Rick, please pardon my intrusion and delete if so desired…

    Regarding pricing, hunting, and accuracy testing – if someone is looking for a hunting rifle there are infinitely wiser choices (no disrespect intended on the quality of your rifle). For the price of an FG plus scope and mount you can get a guaranteed 1/2 MOA rifle in pretty much any caliber.

    Personally I’d prefer that the SMG Guns crew work on production as opposed to chasing the accuracy butterfly.

  • Rick Smith (1995 days)

    Hi John,
    I agree with you 100% and for those that ask about the accuracy potential of the FG42 I basically tell them the original was not a sniper weapon and due to the basic way the weapon fires it is not going to be all that inherently accurate so……We are not chasing our tails on that one as – like you said – way too many fine/finely accurste rifles out there already!


  • Bill Cavazos (1993 days)

    Rick, don’t scare me. I don’t want to hear your FG42 will not be inherently accurate. I want to be able to use your rifle for hunting purposes. I realize its not a sniper rifle but would like to be able to shoot 2-3 inch groups. Due to its design the FG was designed to fire in semi-automatic mode from a closed bolt, accomplished by delaying the release of the firing pin (mounted on the bolt carrier and released by the front sear notch) until after the trigger had been pressed; the short lock time, and little movement in the action during firing translated into greater single-shot accuracy. I have the utmost confidence in your rifle Rick. BC

  • Rick Smith (1993 days)

    Hi Bill,
    I think your requirements for accuracy are well within reason. My only reason for saying “not a sniper rifle” is that nowadays that translates into most minds as sub MOA – something the FG42 will not do as is.


  • bubble shooter (1979 days)

    I love checking your writing, SMG Guns | Semi Auto FG42 Project! has been added to my bookmarks in firefox.

  • Lindsey Kiang (1978 days)

    Hello. I made the mistake of looking at your website today to see if there’s any new info. Seeing the pictures and video again has raised my blood pressure…and I know I will have trouble sleeping now! I’m on the wait list, and I just hope like heck that you folks will be able to hold to the schedule….any maybe even accelerate it!
    By the way, I don’t know if the Germans ever considered chambering the FG42 for the Kurz round. They should have…would have been much more controllable. But how big a job would it be for you to produce a variant of your FG42 for the Kurz round, or even for the 5.56mm round? I don’t mean the financial cost, which would be significant, but the technical and manufacturing challeges.

  • Rick Smith (1978 days)

    Hi Lindsey,
    The Germans did do a few (type I) in the kurtz round but the Luft guys wanted the full size round and the Wer already had the MP44 so it never went anywhere. We are about to do the rifle in .308 and the other calibers are very doable – just time sorting things out. Once under the .308 caliber though I feel the entire rifle could/should be rescaled to the smaller round but that would be a major investment and an entire new line of parts.


  • Steve (1969 days)

    Can I get on the list for two of the FG42′s and if you decide to run the other type I would like two of those as well. Let me know if you need any parts run here.
    Best regards and good luck
    Steve Troy

  • Rick Smith (1969 days)

    Hi Steve,
    I will put you down for the type II and when we build the type I you will be there as well. Thanks for your interest in our rifle! Needless to say you make some pretty cool products yourself!


  • Rick Walter (1944 days)

    Hi Rick, Just drooling over the pictures. I have just noticed that none of your finished rifles are shown picturing the reciever from the magizine side. Any chanch in your spare time (LOL) you might slip in a couple showing the details of that side mag housing and selector, safety, etc?. Any one who is shocked at the price tag of this handmade jewell should note that an original just recently sold at auction for $159.000. 00. To me that gives this long awaited collectors piece a bargan basement msrp! Not to mention it’s completely machined from much higher quality materials. Cant wait for my turn. Keep up the good work gentlemen.

  • Rick Smith (1944 days)

    Hi Rick,
    I will try to get some up!


  • Dave (1929 days)

    Could I put a butt plate of some sort on the buttstock? The .308 version is appealing to me, will it use FAL mags or M1A mags?

  • Rick Smith (1929 days)

    Hi Dave,
    I guess you could but why would you want to? Just curious as a TON of work goes into making the thin but plate that goes on just like the original. And honestly right now we are testing a few parts and pieces on the .308 rifle and running between 300 – 500 rounds a days through it without any soreness or even a sissy bruise so…….. It will use M1A mags with a moified mag catch notch on the mag. Cool thing is they still will work great in your M1A – I have one and made sure!


  • Dave (1929 days)

    Rick, I did not know there was a metal butt plate onn the stock. I think this is a really nice rifle that you are making, just thought I would add a little protection to it. I ve wanted one of these for nearly 50 years, maybe before I leave this earth I will be able to own one. Thanks for making these possible. I am a disabled vet and I am taking the time to treat myself right so to speak and I see one of these in my future LOL.


  • Rick Smith (1928 days)

    Hi Dave,
    The but plate is not metal – it is made from wood and holds up quite well. Thanks for the complement and thanks for your service. Not sure what your disability is but one of the coolest things to me is the recoil – or lack of with this rifle. Kicks about like an AK.


  • Matt (1928 days)

    Hello Rick,

    I didn’t see this question asked, so I will give it a “shot”. I’m a WWII Re-enactor and we do have German Parachuters out here that would love to know if there is a “blank adapter” available, so the rifle can be fired in battle re-enactments? Beleive it or not I know some re-enactors that would pay that much for a rifle just to use it to shoot blanks. Please advise.


  • Rick Smith (1928 days)

    Hi Matt,
    I believe I did answer this already but here goes. If you do a google search of that same question in the last 60 days you will find at least three different individuals offering a blank adapter for our rifle. So yes, it can be done, we just do not offer the service. Hope this helps.


  • Bill Cavazos (1911 days)

    Hello Rick. Just wanted to check back with you to see if you have done any accuracy checks at 100yds with a scoped FG and some excellent Hornady 195gr SP ammo? Also will you make a hunting clip that will just clear the magazine funnel? I was hoping to take one of your FG rifles on my next South Africa safari. Thanks
    P.S. Just make sure the bayonet and bipod are removed before the accuracy test with a cold barrel.

  • Bill Cavazos (1911 days)

    Rick, please pardon my intrusion and delete if so desired…

    Regarding pricing, hunting, and accuracy testing – if someone is looking for a hunting rifle there are infinitely wiser choices (no disrespect intended on the quality of your rifle). For the price of an FG plus scope and mount you can get a guaranteed 1/2 MOA rifle in pretty much any caliber.

    Personally I’d prefer that the SMG Guns crew work on production as opposed to chasing the accuracy butterfly.

    Your right John, but I may not be as practical as you, hence wanting a FG42. I’ve hunted all my life with WWI and II GEW and K98′s all around the world. Could have used newer type rifles with much better accuracy. Have looked into using a scoped M14, G43 or M1Garand. But a scoped FG42! Now thats great fun to me. Just hope to get less than 2 1/2 inch groups at 100. I think Rick will be surprised when he finds out really how accurate his FG will be. Or even better, how accurate he can make it shoot with minimum effort.

  • Rick Smith (1911 days)

    Hi Bill,
    We just don’t have the time right now – not to mention still waiting on the new barrels – to conduct any kind of thorough accuracy testing on the rifle. Our experiance with the used/abused shop mule barrel was about 4 inches. Others are reporting 2-3 and I have no idea what ammo. I am thinking that with the new barrels we are still realistically only talking 2 inches because of the firing mechanism (bolt carrier/gas piston unit driving forward a little over a half inch to fire the rifle – just like the original) there is a practical limit on what can be done regardless of barrel/ammo/etc.. I think it would be cool if you decided to use our rifle in the pursuit of game animals but if you are waiting on an accuracy wring out from us with results we can guarantee with certainty it will be quit a bit farther in the future.


  • Bill Cavazos (1909 days)

    2 inches sounds pretty good. And probably with open sights too. I think it sounds pretty good so far. I think you will be surprised once you get your new barrels and properly broken in and with a good modern scope your FG’s will shoot just as good as an M1 Garand or better. I’m in no hurry. I still have my trusty full military dress K98′s to use next year. I want to be the first to use an FG. And especially one made in Texas by Texans. Good luck Rick…

  • Rick Smith (1909 days)

    Hi Bill,
    I shoot mine _ the shop mule – in 3 gun matches and have a good time but I really don’t see the rifle being M1 Garand accurate – ever. Unless we change the firing mechanism so everything is still except the firing pin at the time of release – and we may do that on the updated FG we have in the works. I have a customer that is getting one that says he may caribou hunt with his this next fall. : )


  • Ralph DLS (1863 days)

    Do these work well with 8mm surplus? Yugo for the most part…

    I am seriously considering one of these rifles when I get my RPD sold off…

  • Rick Smith (1863 days)

    Yugo what? What date? etc etc. Harder primers will give light strikes so there is no simple answer to that question. The bottom line is you will void the warranty using mil surplus or reloads – your choice.

  • gordie k (1807 days)

    realy great job rick and brian know you worker hard glad to see your prog com to life

  • Rick Smith (1806 days)

    Hi Gordie,
    Thanks! It has been a project for sure! How is it going? Hope all is well on your end.


  • Pete Mac Donald (1795 days)

    Rick- Please put me on the list for an FG42 in 8mm. This rifle is awesome. I will be getting an inheritance down the road a bit. So I will be able to afford one. Buying a house for the wife, wife buying FG for me! Just a couple of minor concerns. Have seen a few pics w/o bayonet. Hope it has one. Spare mag availability. Sling. Have seen the outsourced repros. Nice. But for $5,000 an included one woul be nice! If not ,que sera! Please respond. Thank you!

  • Rick Smith (1792 days)

    Hi Pete,
    If you are interested in getting on the list please write us at:


  • Erich Liening (1785 days)

    Holy cow! What a great thing to stumble across! Some years ago a fellow up here in my neck of the woods started making FG-42 replicas, but I don’t know how long he kept that up- as I recall, his cost like $11,000 – in 1990 or something dollars no less. Kudos for working to keep your pricing down as much as possible- I may start a special savings account and get back to you in a while….!

  • Robert Scholz (1773 days)

    Have a 308 on order, just wondering if you have started on those and how things are going. Thanks.

    Robert Scholz

  • Rick Smith (1740 days)

    Hi Robert,
    We just received the new barrels we had ordered and are hoping to run a batch of .308 dedicated receivers before the end of the year.


  • kymm (1711 days)

    would it possible for some one to post a pic of turkish 8mm head stamp
    so it can readily be avoided

  • Stan Cooper (1689 days)

    Hi Rick: Can you let me know where I’m at on the list? I got a message from a fellow who’d said the first hundred had been shipped, and I am #68(?). Any idea where I stand? Stan Cooper

  • kymm (1651 days)

    i have access to 12 zb26 mags at 60 dollars apiece and i am going to keep 4
    let me know if anybody wants any

  • Dolf Goldsmith (1642 days)

    Rick you could not have been more right about that Turkish Ammo. I once blew up a beautiful recoil operated MG with it, and not only is the powder bad, but the brass has not been properly annealed, or was simply bad to start with, and the head of the cartridge case can separate when being fired in any weapon with automatic action.

    What ammo do you recommend. I have had good luck in other weapons with the Rumanian, which I understand has a 150 grain bullet as opposed to 198 grains for all other surplus 8mm.

    A friend of mine and I are considering putting our name down for one of these

  • Rick Smith (1642 days)

    Hi Dolf,
    The Romanian ammo has been, in my experience, awesome working/really dirty ammo. It is still mil surplus and voids the warranty as far as ammo related damage but works great in the rifle. We have shot about 9k through the shop mule FG with no issues yet. It is 150 grn vs 198 grn like you pointed out but has no impact on function. You can in fact mix and match in the same mag without a hiccup. Any new commercial ammo with either a FMJ or spire point soft point works as well.

    The rifle will not feed the large round tip soft point hunting ammo on the market at all as it hangs on the feed ramp.

    All that said I also want to say how cool it is you have interest in our rifle! I bought one of your books “The Devil’s Paintbrush” in Houston many years ago and you signed it – cool! Let me know if you would like to get on the list and I will send you the questionnaire on finish etc… And considering all that is going on right now we can only hope that we will continue to be able to build the rifle. Thanks for the note.


  • Dolf Goldsmith (1641 days)

    Well, Rick, I would like, together with my friend , to buy one of the rifles.
    I currently live in Nevada, but I like Tucson, Arizona much better so if I can sell my house, I plan to move there, so the rifle should go to a Tucson FFL holder. Please let me know what I have to do to get the ball rolling.

    My mailing address in AZ is c/o Ralph Wong, PO Box 99, Marana Az, 85653, I will be here for 6 weeks or so as I had a major heart attack 3 weeks ago while in Tucson requiring 3 bypass surgeries, and they have to keep me here for extended follow up, the Docs in Vegas would not know the medical details.

    I know the Rumanian ammo is dirty as hell, but it seems to have a good case, and works fine in my Maxims, annd Brownings. Yet, If I can find it, I think, like you said, that commercial 8mm with pointed bullets would be better.

    If the Assault rifle ban shuts you down, you might consider altering the mag well so that it will accept ONLY a 10 round magazine, which you would have to fabricate. It could look just like the original 20 rd mag that came with these guns but with a permanently installed unremovable block in it so that it will hold only 10 rounds. Of course you would have to check that any other available mag, such as BAR, FAL, G3, MG13, ZB, etc, etc, mags would not fit. You might consider making it in .308, then better ammo would be more easily available than non-surplus 8mm, which I believe is hard to find and very expensive.

    Are there any dealer discounts?

    I am sure there will be no more mfg or import of “assault Rifles”, and that the “Gun Show Loophole” will be closed, but hope that the more draconian stuff like regn under NFA, no transfers, and forfeiture on death will not go through.

    Any discounts to FFL holders?


    Further to my last reply, I have considered the caliber, and I think that you should stay with 8mm. .308 is a lousy round for self loading weapons, (as i prefer to call them, it doesnt sound so “ominous”,) due its bottleneck shaped case with hardly any taper, and more importantly, it is nice to stay as close to the original rifle as possible, and a caliber change negates from that besides you already have the tooling for the barrels.

    But as regards a 10 rd rifle as outline by me, will be the only option if the manufacturing ban goes through.


    Dolf Goldsmith


  • Rick Smith (1641 days)

    Hi Dolf,
    Ouch on the surgery! But good you are doing well! We are hoping for the best on the upcoming stuff but will just wait and see I guess. We already make the rifle in .308 and it works really well. I will send you the questionairre and get you “on the list” There are really no discounts on the rifle as we feel we are on a limited run at this point so…… Thanks again for your interest and look forward to getting your rifle built!


  • Howard (1634 days)

    Further to Dolfs’ comment and to sooth any Californians who are worried your beautiful offering is beyond their reach, a 10rnd is quite in keeping and perfectly reasonable as the originals were issued with a (short) 10rnd “jump” mag’.

  • Pete Mac Donald (1593 days)

    Rick- Thinking back to you’re earlier proposal to avoid possible new legislations, I should have acted. Banking on congress voting against. [NRA is as well]. Hope my place on list still valid. Any idea where I stand and when? Have M36 bayonet and Nartron sling at the ready! A quick question. Will standard z26 mags work, or is there modifications? Found a source on the internet. Thank you! Pete M.

  • Kai Jensen (1592 days)

    Looking at the pics you have up I must say the fit and finish look first rate! I can’t wait to get mine! The operating system on your rifle I thought was very cool again can’t wait to pull the trigger for the first time!!
    All the time and effort you must have gone through to get it figured out must been frustrating. Thanks! Kai J.

  • Gregory (1583 days)

    Will you be selling scopes or replica mounts?


  • Rick Smith (1583 days)

    We are a tiny shop with limited production ability so we have no intentions at this point of offering repo scopes – available elsewhere. Same on the reproduction mounts for the ZF4 scopes as Mr. Estes Adams makes a terrific reproduction of both the swallowtail and two piece mounts that go directly on both the original rifles and ours. Not sure what will be the case if/when we start making the type I rifle as that is an entirely different scope/mount and I am unaware of anyone making those.


  • Rolf (1561 days)

    Any idea if they will ever come to Canada? You are probably so busy filling orders for the States that your 35,000,000 cousins to the north are not on the radar yet!? I would buy one!

  • David Gayheart (1505 days)

    Are you still taking orders for the rifle? I’m particularly interested in the .308 version.

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