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Here is where we would like to post pictures of customers and the things they have purchased from us – as well as a brief comment good or bad. I would like to extend this invitation to anyone who has EVER bought from us any of our products or had us finish out someone else’s “started to build”. You can even post a comment to this without a picture. This is not a “discussion forum” But bad comments go up with the good – as long as you actually owned it and can supply a serial # to legitimize your right to state the facts. :  )  We should have done this years ago but oh well, now is as good a time as any I guess. Block out your face and post anonymously if you like – and if you know anyone that might like to make use of this page let them know.

One last thing, I don’t think I can set this up to post directly so try it and at worst you can make it as a comment and if approved it then posts – at least that’s the way I think it works.  Rick

With permission..

Feel free to mention it being on the range. It’s not a super high-round count but it’s at least 10,000 rounds and to me, that’s pretty amazing. I will be honest and I was just hoping to break even on it before something broke but couldn’t be happier with the quality. So many of the reproduction guns on the market use cheap parts or cut corners because mfg’s don’t have the budget that governments did when originally designing the weapon.
Put us down for another rifle as I definitely want another.
Battlefield Vegas



Can’t say how this came about past it was almost last minute and such but with permission I will say the fine folks at HMG stopped by on their way to the Shot Show yesterday. And since I have been watching all the press about what they might be coming out with and having no more knowledge up until that point than anyone else I feel compelled to share! A picture to follow – if it ever makes it from my sons phone…..

First I have to say what a nice bunch of folks that seem to have a very solid grip on a huge project. I did not get to shoot the rifle but from watching them put it together from a bag of parts and handing it to me, and then looking over the stampings and the thought behind how it all goes together I have to say Wow! Actually there is way more than that to say but it will all start coming out after shot without a doubt. I can tell you I am no stg/mp44 expert so when you tell me it is missing this crease or rib etc I will not be able to argue but what I can say is it looks awesome to me – and feels good – feels like what I think feels right. I can say our shop would have never been able to pull this off at this level – ever.

Mac knows the business of making things and where to go to get things done right and it shows. And there is no doubt in my mind after talking to him, and seeing where they are already at, as to the level of commitment to see this through. They of course will have to have time to sort through any new weapon stuff – they may already have. And these guys don’t give off any small outfit vib – this is no small time thing – looks like their intent is to build a bunch of these! Did I already mention there was more than one receiver in that bag just waiting to quickly be put together?

In closing I will say I have no other reason to post this than to share after my fortunate chance to do a hands on of their upcoming rifle. No I do not have all the info you will want – they will – we here at SMG don’t know STG’s. But once I decide on caliber I intend to own one woohoo!


Inline image 1

Hi Rick, just letting you know I received it on Monday and everything looks great.  I got the zf4 scope mounted last night.  I can’t wait to try it when I get some ‘safe’ newer ammo for it.  I will return the warranty card to you as soon as I can.  I’m very happy with it and am also very impressed with the case you sent with it. Thank you Mr. Smith and I hope your new year is going well!



Got it, excellent work. It rivals my Sig PE57 in workmanship. Whats the turnaround for another?

Bill @  – they do custom trigger work!


Cool pic from another happy customer. Ok, he didn’t say he was happy but looking at this picture puts a smile on our faces!


Got to see the fine town of Decatur passing through for the event this weekend. The FG-42 worked beautifully. Not a single misfeed! Every time I lit up the 82nd guys during a contact they all were saying ‘what the hell was that!’ They saw the huge muzzle flash and knew it was their turn to take the hit ;-)
I took a great photo just before a group walked into our ambush (attached). The photo sums it up tucked in camouflaged with the FG on the bipod.


A happy looking outfit! photo credit Dan Herman

photo credit Dan Herman



Hi Rick,
I had the 42 out for the first time today and after 75 rounds with 2 FTE (no big deal) the gun locked up on me I was able to move the charging handle about 1″ to 1.5″ so it would cock the hammer and dry fire but unable to pull the bolt/carrier all the way back. This happened after removing a empty mag and trying to charge it for the next round in the next full mag, rifle was NOT in safe and nothing was in the chamber. After a 35 min ride home I removed the rifle from the case and was then able to charge it??? So I took the rifle down and the only thing I could find was the bolt locking lugs were dry (yes I did oil them before shooting it) after cleaning it all seems good now. The 42 was getting good 2″ to 3″ groups @ 100 yds about the same as most of my FAL’s  that’s fine with me I know Its not a sniper rifle, so i am happy with that. Can you shed any light on my lock up problem.



Hi ,
  Yes sir I can – and you already have the answer. Didn’t/doesn’t happen with every rifle but most I am finding – and the .308 rifle has taught me this lesson. When the rifles have fired a few thousand rounds they smooth up and this never seems to happen. But when fresh and tight/rough/whatever they will sometimes lock at the end of a firing string just like yours did. I found that when it does it goes from locked to easy to open again by just squirting a shot of lube on the forward part of the “locked up” bolt as seen through the mag opening. It will be fine again for a few more mags and then run “dry” again. I am going to try a little dab of the dark grease that is issued with the M1A/M14 on the locking face of the lugs and see if the problem goes away. If so it is not a great thing but manageable until they break in.
  I have read it is a normal “to do” on Garands and M1A’s as part of routine rifle care – never knew that until recently either. I would like the rifle to be able to run in a dry state honestly but we may have to send out a notice to all owners and add that info to a new CD.
Yeah no problem Rick, If you want to do that go right ahead. Like I said I will post on the G43 forum next weekend after another range trip.

PS Softest shooting 8mm Rifle I ever shot. :)
Name removed

Customer rifle with original ZF4 and Estes made reproduction rings. Wow!

Other side…..


Since hunting season is over and it being a nice day, I convinced my wife to come shoot the FG42 with me. I have nicknamed my FG42 The Hog because it is short, stubby and packs a powerful punch. Thus the targets we decided to use were those of non other than hogs. We each fired 50 rounds at 25 yards through the FG42 without any problems. The attached pictures will show you the results of our shooting. It did take a little bit for Tina use to the weapon but as you can see by her target it didnt take long. Now as some of you know, I am unable to fire more than 20 rounds of 8mm with the shoulder issues I have. With the recoil mechanism of the FG42 I had no problems firing the 50 rounds and have no soreness in my shoulder. Tina had no problems firing her 50 rounds without the shoulder pad she usually uses when firing other 8mm weapons.
Rick you are more than welcome to use these pictures and email for your promotion of the FG42!



Hi Rick, I received the manual today, Thank You.  The rifle shoots great, I tried it out with different
8mm ammo everything from 198 gr. match to 150 gr. reloads. It works great and is the most pleasant
full size 8mm military rifle to shoot. The only problem I had was with some FN 8mm made in Portugal,
the bolt wouldn’t fully close ( 3 out of 40) but that is an ammo issue. I am very happy with
my rifle, It looks great and shoots great. You do EXCELLENT work.   Curt

The guns are awesome. Not only do they look outstanding and are accurate. It is obvious that a lot of work went into them. I only had to make a minor adjustment on the rear sight and I was zeroed in. Just to the left of center are 12 rounds in a quarter size hole (see attached pic). Dad and I shot 70 rounds without a single malfunction. I know you are waiting on the first reports of the test firing so here is 1. We would have shot more but it was cold and the wind chill kept us from shooting more.
Another one of our unit members filmed our test firing. You can get to it at



Our first contributor! THANKS! We hope to have many more!

Hi Rick, It looks great and shoots even better !


  • Terry R (2429 days)

    Hi, Guys
    Just wanted to touch base. Have a frog bayonet and $ burning a hole in my bank acct. Just let me know when my # comes up. Best wishes.

  • Rick Smith (2426 days)

    Will do Terry – thanks for keeping the interest!


  • […] a few show battles and a couple of small local tacticals I finally got to give the FG-42 a real workout at a real hard core all day multi day tactical […]

  • Rick Hooper (1940 days)

    Hi Mike, as there are thousands of FND model 1930 MG kits sitting around collecting dust . And all the owners would love to have the BATF approve just one design, even a single shot! But it ain’t going to happen. Has anyone thought about a bolt action reciever. To at least bring the kits back to life as a Curio and Relic. The reciever could be based on several existing models such as the flat sided MAS1936, and yes, the MAS1949 semi-auto would be better, but as I said not going to happen. Fitted with a intregal optics rail or for XS ghost ring sights , it would have new life as a sniper/hunter role. Thanks, Rick

  • Rick Smith (1929 days)


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