PPS-43 – As of 01-27-17 we currently have about 3 of these we can complete in about 2 weeks of receiving an order – 695.00 + 20.00 S/H


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PPS-43  – As of 01-27-17 we currently have about 3 of these we can complete in about 2 weeks of receiving an order – 695.00 + 20.00 S/H

We can also build an SBR with folding stock for an additional 100.00.

The PPS (Russian:  or “Pistolet-pulemjot Sudaeva”, in English: “Sudaev’s submachine-gun”) was a family of Soviet submachine guns chambered in 7.62x25mm Tokarev, developed by Alexei Sudayev as a low-cost personal defense weapon for reconnaissance units, vehicle crews and support service personnel. The PPS and its variants were used extensively by the Red Army during World War II and were later adopted by the armed forces of several countries of the former Warsaw Pact as well as its many African and Asian allies.

The PPS was created in response to a Red Army requirement for a compact and lightweight weapon that would provide similar accuracy and firepower (with a reduced rate of fire) while utilizing more cost-effective means of production than the Soviet PPSh-41 submachine gun being widely deployed at the time.


No longer in production as of 01-01-11.

The semi-automatic PPS-43 is now available for the few remaining we have in stock. They are built from original Polish parts.

100% ATF Approved, these are available in a carbine with 16″ barrel (shown left),
or in a pistol that has the buttstock permanently fixed into the closed position to
comply with NFA barrel length regulations.

Pistols are available in 7.62×25.


  • rachat credit (2858 days)

    Man, really want to know how can you be that smart, lol…great read, thanks.

  • Randy Kricke (2737 days)

    Dear Sir:

    I would like to purchase a semi-auto PP43 for Soviet Reenacting. Could you produce one that is blank adapted with an adaptor that could be removed for live fire? If so what price would you charge for this request?

    Randy Kricke

  • Rick Smith (2737 days)

    Hi Randy,
    We do not blank adapt but many have been done and it is a simple matter of threading a small section of the front inside of the barrel for a set screw with the correct hole size for the blanks you will be using. I think MGS has one in stock right now with this already done but if not any competent gunsmith could do it for a nominal fee.


  • Zackary Smith (2677 days)

    how much does it cost you to mill the bolt to be semi auto im trying to find someone who can do it for a good(cheap) price(under 100) as i am building a pps 43 from a parts kit

  • Rick Smith (2677 days)

    We have that service listed and priced under the “home builders/PPS43″ section.


  • Zackary Smith (2676 days)

    will a mig welder work fine or have you found arc to be better again this will be my first build i need to know if it is good for a first because im playing with the idea of being a gunsmith

  • Rick Smith (2675 days)

    You CAN use what ever you prefer or what ever you’re good with. I prefer the TIG process as I’m most comfortable with it. Honestly, for a first time, you might ought to consider learning TIG but if you don’t have the option, then MIG will be your next best option in my opinion. TIG is just the “prettiest” one. Hope this helps. Thanks.


  • Kaleb (2582 days)

    Is it possible to remove the buttstock all together instead of welding it in the folded position since it is made as a pistol? Where is the weld made to keep it from being opened? If I got one I might like to remove it all together since it is a pistol. Thanks, Kaleb

  • Rick Smith (2580 days)

    Hi Kaleb,
    Yes it can.


  • PapaShaw (2540 days)

    Just a big “thank you” to Rick and the folks in the shop. I purchased a custom PPS-43 and very pleased with the results… It was worth the wait! I have compared SMG’s builds with the cheap competitors and the quality difference is obvious in the internals and external finish. When I’m ready to do another retro build, SMG will be my choice.

  • Rick Smith (2540 days)

    Thanks, we try hard to make sure it is worth the extra money you pay – and have had many requests to repair some the “other” builds recently – many requests………….

  • Roy Kim (2538 days)

    Hello SMGGuns, I have heard great reviews about your slightly more quality PPS-43 pistols being much better than the “other” Pioneer made ones recently. That being said, how much does one of your pistol variants cost? I would like to get one when I turn 21 next month to last me a lifetime and not have to worry about a broken part I have heard on other “made in Poland” made ones…


  • Rick Smith (2538 days)

    Hi Roy,
    I won’t badmouth the “other guys” product. All I can tell you is we feel ours is better made and base that not only on it being “our product” but on the number of “returns for repair” we get on ours vs the number of “requests for repair” we get on theirs – we don’t repair their pistol. While we have them on hand they are $499.00 plus 15 shipping. I am not sure we will ever make more based on how most people want the absolute lowest price and then can’t understand why it doesn’t hold up well. Thanks for your interest!


  • Roy Kim (2538 days)


    Thank you for the fast reply. And this might seem too much to ask and against policy but mind if you can try to reserve a PPS pistol for me? The one with the 10 inch barrel? I want to use it for reenactments and the occasional “show off” shoot at the range and such. :) I am sure your PPS semis are much more reliable since the trigger group and firing pin are machined, heat treated and not made of a casted metal, unlike the other ones.

    And how much do you have left in stock at the moment? The pistol variants, I mean?


  • Rick Smith (2537 days)

    Hi Kim,
    Can’t reserve one for you unless you put up a non-refundable deposit to hold it but we have a few left and we don’t advertize them right now so you should be fine.


  • Eric (2425 days)


    I have one of your very first semi-auto DP28′s and I love it and I would like to get a semi-auto PPS43 and was wondering if you can do a SBR for me?? Since I live in Massachusetts, the pistol version is not legal but I’m pretty sure I can do a short barreled rifle so I am hoping you can make one and do the paperwork.


  • Rick Smith (2424 days)

    Hi Eric,
    We still have a few of the PPS43′s we can do an SBR on – if it is legal for you in your state. Just let me know!


  • George (2344 days)

    Just wondering if you have the rivet kit for the pps-43 or know where to get one. I just need the main one the connects the upper and lower reciver.

  • Rick Smith (2344 days)

    Hi George,
    No luck on the rivet you need as we don’t assemble ours that way – we use a solid one piece trunnion.


  • Al (2330 days)

    I am making blank adaptors for PPS 43 no need to ruin the barrel drilling and tapping it. Contact me if you need one.

  • Rick Smith (2330 days)

    Hi Al,
    We stopped building the PPS43 almost entirely – except for the occasional SBR after the Polish version pistols came in at less than our dealer price. We also don’t support their pistols with parts and it is amazing how many requests for that we get. I will leave this up for anyone to see and need to make a page with folks like yourself that have a cool product so others can benifit. You might write me again another day if I don’t get one up in a reasonable period of time as a reminder as around here it can be “out of sight out of mind”.


  • michael eldridge (2272 days)

    how does the butt stock operate/open-close on the pps43?

  • Rick Smith (2266 days)

    Push the spring loaded button on the top rear of the receiver and fold the stock out to a locked position. Reverse to close.

  • Glenn Conn (2240 days)

    I am interested in a pps43c carbine. Do you have any for sale?
    If you do —- how much do you want for one?

    I have a pps43c pistol. would you convert it to a carbine?
    Prices please


  • Rick Smith (2239 days)

    We have never made a PPS43c carbine – we made a PPS43 carbine. We stopped when the Polish made PPS43c’s started coming in and people didn’t care if they worked or not – or for long – but liked the cheap price……….

  • PapaShaw (2213 days)

    Just a follow up to say thanks again to a great US company. Rick, your PPS43 pistols don’t offer slightly more quality, they are much better than the imported model offered via Internet dealers. No comparison.

    I own both and I pretty much only shoot your build. There’s nothing wrong with the imported pistol builds (they go bang) but fit and finish are very different between the two. The welds on your PPS43 are tight, the finsh is smooth and the function is flawless.

    As they say, you get what you pay for, and I am happy to have purchased one of your builds!

  • Rick Smith (2211 days)

    Thanks! We put a lot of work in that build – or used to. It should give you years of reliable service and we are here if you have a problem. Thanks again for your business!


  • Ray Keller (2151 days)

    Is there a PPS 43 available with a stock that extends?

  • Rick Smith (2150 days)

    Hi Ray,
    Only 2 ways on a semi PPS43 for the stock to extend legally. SBR registered or as a carbine. We still build SBR’s but stopped carbine production when the cheap imports started coming in.


  • george woodall (2081 days)

    Al, my son and I bought pps-43′s last spring and I have spoken on phone and emailed several times about getting two of your non-tapping BA’s. I never followed through with the order. We need them now for an event in January. Contact me through e-mail or phone so I can arrange payment. Our previous emails were in the spring and google has dumped them.

    cell – 706455-0719
    home – 706-632-7486

  • Rick Smith (2071 days)

    Hi George,
    We don’t build blank adapters so it wasn’t us you spoke with. ???


  • Ben S (2014 days)

    I was looing for someone tht had or made the 9mm conversion and here you are. Can I purchase mags as well and I am very intersted in getting one in the carbine in 9 mm

  • Rick Smith (2011 days)

    Sorry, we stopped building those when the cheap Polish imports started coming in.

  • Jeff Henry (1944 days)

    Will do pps-43 bolt conversions still?

  • Rick Smith (1929 days)

    No – sorry.

  • mike rupert (1883 days)

    i just bought a pps43 and i have a problem. when i fire at an accelerated rate the recoil of the bolt hitting the receiver is causing the spring catch to jump out of the latch and the weapon separates. i looking for a stronger spring and/or new harder buffer. any ideas on what i should buy or do?

  • Rick Smith (1877 days)

    Who did you buy it from and who made it? We have not built those for over 2 years now and do not do any repairs/spare parts etc for the Polish imports.

  • Roy B (1854 days)

    I bought a pp43-c from royal Tiger import,s and iam having a slam fire issue I think maybe it,s a broken fireing pin.It was made in Poland at ramdon aresonal.Can you replace the fireing pin and if so the price.Thank,s Roy

  • Rick Smith (1847 days)

    Sorry but we only support the PPS43′s we built. The cheap Polish imports almost put us out of business!

  • jack booker (1824 days)

    I see from other posts that you do not build the pps43c any longer due to cheaper options. Do you have a written or video guide for converting one to 9mm. Thanks

  • Rick Smith (1823 days)

    Sorry, no.

  • Taylor (1789 days)

    Do you do PPS43 SBR projects anymore? I am interested.

  • Rick Smith (1788 days)

    Yes we do the PPS43 SBR – until we run out of almost completed PPS43′s to work from. Sorry – thought we were out.


  • Jimmy Robinson (1788 days)

    Do you contract to convert the PPS 43C from 7.62 to 9mm. I have a one I would like to get converted to 9mm because I am tired of trying to find the 7.62×25 ammo. It wasn’t a problem finding ammo until recently.

  • Rick Smith (1786 days)

    No, sorry, no support for the PPS43c of any kind.

  • Mark (1780 days)

    I’m thinking about converting my PPS-43 to an SBR (Illinois just passed an SBR law!!). My question is are the stocks pinned down? Or are they welded like the cheaper PPS-43′s? (BTW I love my SMG PPS-43)

  • Rick Smith (1779 days)

    Hi Mark,
    We have in he past but found the majority of the mechanisms were ruined when TIGed so even when we could get them apart they didn’t work. So then the only way to make them right was to cut the rear off the receiver and graft on one with a working stock and refinish the firearm. Most didn’t like the cost of that so now we try to convince them to just start an SBR as an SBR and sell the pistol. Less money that way. As long as we have a PPS43 almost complete we can do an SBR for $600.00 – brand new.
    To cut the rear off, graft on another, and re-finish is 250.00.

    The ATF wanted the stocks welded so we TIGed them. Pins were a no go.


  • kurt (1565 days)

    I bought a 9mm rifle from you years ago
    the extractor doesnt work
    can you send me another extractor for replacement


  • Rick Smith (1562 days)

    Hi Kurt,
    What kind of 9mm rifle was it? If it was built from a parts kit each kit just had one weapons worth of parts with no spares. If you will at least tell me what it was I can check for you. If we don’t you will have to source one from gunbroker, Numrich, Sarco or something.


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