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We are now getting between 1-2 thousand spam mails every day that we sift through to see that we don’t delete legitimate mail. This is a big time killer so until we get the site setup better we are going to ask that if you want to comment or ask a question etc you send it to us at smgguns@yahoo.com .  As of today all bulk spam here will be deleted and the hour or so will shift back to making rifles.  Thanks!


We try hard to bring unique products to the market because we either have a personal interest in that item or have had enough requests so that it looked like a good idea at the time. Every effort is made to build the highest quality possible and we understand you can spend your money elsewhere so we aim to please. That said, we also understand we cannot please everyone all the time and accept that as well.

Building the types of things we do – most of which starts out as a pile of parts that were purposely destroyed in an effort to see that they were NEVER functional again can be a challenge. Usually lots of challenges……….  From the problems of how to build the missing pieces and “put it all back together” to designing/re-designing all of the components required to render what was – in most cases – a full auto or select fire weapon – into a LEGAL semi auto that can be owned and enjoyed. This is not always an easy task and involves the approval of the ATF tech branch who’s job it is to keep us on our toes! Nice when they approve of a design and we can then build and sell you something that can then be added to your collection and taken to the range and fired to wow the troops without fear of anyone seeing you do it because “hey, it’s legal”.

I would also like to state that you, our customers help keep us sharp.  If we build either ugly guns that work or even worse in my opinion, pretty guns that don’t work we don’t sell many. We are shooters ourselves and first and foremost we want them to work.

A lot of time, money AND test fire ammo goes into each model we produce and yes, updates and changes to improve the quality of what we build is an ongoing process. Most things involving anything ever made in the world is this way and firearms are no different.

And we would like them to reliably work with anything of the right caliber you feed them but the reality of shooting/trying to shoot old military ammo with reliability AND safety can be a crap shoot. THAT is why we say our firearms are to be used with new made commercial ammo or you void your warranty. YES, in most cases they will fire military surplus or reloaded ammo, but if you choose to shoot that instead of new commercial ammo you have to take responsibility for the consequences of your decisions.

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