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Just wanted to share this – with permission of course. This man can shoot! And we just love it that he did so with our rifle! Honestly amazed that it could be done with the original trigger / firing arrangement of the historical style FG42 but he did! Thanks Karl!


I got to shoot my first match with the MK42 using the original muzzle brake just yesterday.   So here’s the awesome news: I was 2nd place out of 47 shooters!
 I won the longer range stage (100 yard MGM “spinner” targets off a wobbly barricade).   Only 3 people succeeded in finishing this stage without penalties and I was one of them with your fine rifle:
 Stage 3 was the spinner stage.  You can start at the top and see that I was the fastest run on that stage and clean!
I know we’ve talked about some things to think about in the future of this project, whenever that comes about, here’s a few more things to think about just in general:
1) People would want to swap out modern brakes so we should consider opening up the gas port so that it will work without the back pressure from the original design.  That said, the original brake performs wonderfully.
2) I know we talked about replacing the wood with polymer someday, I think that’s still the right thing to do but either way we should add some sort of more texture to the buttplate.  It tends to slip around on my shoulder, specially when wearing armor (see pics below).  I’m going to put a little bit of removable skater grip tape on the buttplate for my future use, it’ll come right off if we want it gone but it’ll add some grip.
3) This is a user error but I tried to run the bolt back to clear the rifle with the safety on.   That’s a terrible no-no and I jammed things up pretty good once.   Nothing was damaged, don’t worry – gun runs fine and that happened on stage 1 and I used it for stages 2,3 and 4 after that, but it’s something really easy to do in a more ‘practical’ environment.    I suspect collectors who actually shoot your replicas will never encounter that.
4) The Troy “AXE CQB” grip I installed is really quite perfect on this rifle.   The angle and the size absolutely provides a better trigger purchase.
5) Yes, the modern bipod on there is ugly but it works so well I can’t bear to not use it.
So anyways, I hope you find this exciting news and I would love to show you our film footage when it’s possible…and get more customers coming your way either for the original replicas or maybe more interest in the MK42…either way.


This is just a thing – ok Frankenstein to some of you – that we have wanted to play around with since about the 2nd day we shot the normal FG42. So with a bunch of not quit fit to make a production rifle parts on hand we threw it together as close as we could to where we were wanting to go initially.

Got rid of the front sight assembly and bipod, original style top plate and rear sight, knurled safety cap,& mag doors.  Then cut the barrel to 17 1/2 from the original 20, fluted the rear under the hand guard, adapted an AR15 ERGO grip, replaced the top plate with a picatinny rail, and went with a solid walnut stock as it is a little lighter and maybe a little stronger.

Then after weighing it we added a American Defense x-tended 30mm Q/D mount and Bushnell 1-6.5 Elite scope. After this we again weighed the package and found it was actually still 2 ounces lighter than the original pattern rifle we started with!

We stayed with the original brake, hand guard, etc as that’s what we have around and they work. Also we really don’t have a lot of time to throw into developing new things while that time is ear marked for production of the standard type II FG and developing the type I.

So love it or hate it it is a handy little rifle that points and handles well and with things like an improved trigger pull and maybe different stocks etc it will be even cooler. We already like it!

Please feel free to post comments of like or hate here and when I go through the spam filter each week I WILL let it on the sight regardless of your thoughts – as long as they are decently worded – the kiddies you know…..

The lower rifle is 2 1/2 inches shorter and weighs 2 ounces less than the rifle above in the configuration shown.

Different picture / perspective. Both rifles are in .308.

The AK is actually about an inch shorter than the MK42 but the 42 has a one inch longer barrel……


  • MaskMan (1525 days)

    Now that is a sweet butche… ER conversion. :)
    I’m not normally fond of the angle on an ER-style grip, but on this rifle, I think it’s better than the original. Will the underside of the gas block take accessories?

  • Dennis Mullins (1523 days)

    Interesting piece. Out of curiosity, how much would they sell for?

  • Rick Smith (1523 days)

    Hi Mask Man,
    Yes it will in it’s present form. Present form is a little misleading though as the finished rifle after a long R&D will probably look as much different from this as this does from the original.


  • Rick Smith (1523 days)

    Hi Dennis,
    This is just a side project right now and probably won’t be ready for public consumption for another year but we would like them to be about 35% or so less than the cost of the original configuration.


  • Steve Cogswell (1510 days)

    A design exercise in modernizing the FG42; what’s not to like?!
    Since the raked grip is iconic for the FG 42, why not incorporate it into the design? With the upcoming production of the 1st version rifles, perhaps the grip housing would be a straight swap of an “off the shelf” part.
    I suspect the ergonomics will be horrible, but, if it works, it would be awesome.
    Keep the .308 chambering, put the front sight back on, and add a simple flip-up rear sight.
    I’m in for one.

  • Gaston (1494 days)

    Go with a Picatinney rail, that way the use can mount what they want. My preference is for BUIS but if you’re going to please some of the people most of the time find a way to attach STANAG accessories.

    I’m all for bringing down the price point. Maybe go with Duracoat or such.

  • Jon Krüger (1458 days)

    The FG 42 should be allowed to evolve. You should have compared the FG42 to a Garand not an M14-type rifle. “Garand” was the state of evolution the M14 at the time the FG42′s evolution froze in 1945.
    Let the FG42 evolve! Equal rights for the FG42!

  • Rick Smith (1457 days)

    Hi Jon,
    Thanks! We think it is a cool rifle that if modified/updated a little could be a pretty good niche rifle today.


  • David Weston (1438 days)

    I LOVE IT! And I want one. Please put me on your mailing list.

  • Dale Graham (1396 days)

    WOW, I really like this modified version. Since I have no plans for trying to be a sniper with a rifle of this style the bipod was something I would have wanted to remove anyway, the shorter barrel also makes it look much handier for home protection use. Let me know when they become available.

  • Rick Smith (1394 days)

    Hi Dale,
    Thanks! This is just the first rough draft of the idea we did a few months ago and are AMAZED at how well he did with the rifle! This rifle probably will go through a lot more development before it is ready for market but thanks for your interest!


  • ForgottenWeappwnz (1382 days)

    Foldable stock might be a nice thing on it.

  • Rick Smith (1381 days)

    Unfortunately that cool feature doesn’t lend itself to this rifle well……

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