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We are now getting between 1-2 thousand spam mails every day that we sift through to see that we don’t delete legitimate mail. This is a big time killer so until we get the site setup better we are going to ask that if you want to comment or ask a question etc you send it to us at smgguns@yahoo.com .  As of today all bulk spam here will be deleted and the hour or so will shift back to making rifles.  Thanks!


We think more important than anything else you see here or take with you in thought after visiting our site is:


I understand it is not even always possible but we believe part of the mess we are in as a country is our attitude of “getting the most bang for your buck” even if it means buying products made overseas. If the only American products you see are half the quality at twice the price I can’t say anything but if there is a choice, and the quality is comparable at even 25% higher price for domestically produced then think. The money you save today may put yourself or your neighbor out of work tomorrow. And the cool thing is that a lot of time American made stuff is not only better quality but less expensive as well!

Thats my rant and I will now be quiet. Please enjoy your look around and tell us what you think!

Smith Manufacturing Group

We are a full service manufacturer located conveniently within driving distance of DFW.

We DO NOT have a retail store front so sales have to go through your local FFL dealer.

We specialize in breathing life back into historical military guns. From mere parts we reconstruct a fully
functional semi-automatic gun that is perfectly legal to own and shoot. We are a Federally Licensed
Manufacturer with SOT and can also tackle your post-sample or other NFA projects.

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