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The trigger pull issue HAS been improved with the newly modified sear – that will come in all new FG42 rifles. It reduces the overall length of pull about 30% and smooths it up a LOT! Instead of the loong rough pull there is now a shorter smooth pull to a crisp let off. No, it is not AR15 quality – and never will be – it is a huge improvement. So much so that it is considered a no cost upgrade on all the rifles already sold – whether it is still in warranty or not!

We will install the new sear at no charge to you – other than you paying the postage both ways. If you want to have it installed by a competent gunsmith we will send the new one to you at no charge. It MUST be properly fitted to the rifle/safety or the safety may not work – or the rifle may not fire! Just let us know if you are interested in this upgrade!

Lots of progress on the new walnut hand guards but still a lot of handwork left!

Waiting on that final attention……. Ok, lots of final attention left but way down the road!

FYI on future FG42 builds…..  We are going to a solid walnut hand guard in an attempt at reducing both the number of these lost in production from cracks/chipping/splitting and in-use splitting. The end user splitting has not been as large a problem but just as with the originals – it is a problem. And yes we are aware the originals had the waffle strip reinforcement but we also know they split just the same. The original butt stocks were made from laminate with solid hand guards and now so will ours. These will of course completely interchange with the laminated models. The laminated ones can still be had special order on your build sheet at no extra charge but we think the solid walnut will be a little more durable.

Also……  We have in process a slightly modified sear which improves the trigger pull both in terms of length of pull and weight that will of course be a direct replacement for the original sear. If this proves out with further testing we will replace those in rifles already sold that have the old sear free of charge if the owner pays the shipping both ways – yep, the expensive part. It is something that can be “owner replaced” but may require minor fitting to the safety shaft.

And……   We are now making the bolts from 9310 instead of 8620. The bolt body is left unfinished on the rifle and some have complained of light rust freckling if left unprotected (oiled) and so the 9310 will help with that – as well as having approximately 10x the impact resistance. And since we have had no problems with the 8620 bolts in that regard (over 15,000 rnds on the test rifle) the new ones should last, well, a long time.

Lastly – for now……   We have been reminded we haven’t made updates in a while.  Just hasn’t been much to say outside of working every day on making rifles. Maybe the fact we are starting to tinker with the type I again is worth mentioning but it will still be a while before that project gets tested.

Take a look at this cool video! www.youtube.com/watch?v=jN4lvZbAe04


or this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qc1brjG8hws

The purpose of this page is to try to cut to the important stuff about the rifle concerning pricing, delivery, spare parts, choices/options, etc.  There will probably be very few pictures and I hope to keep some organization here – maybe it won’t end up looking like my desk!

Just to let you know, the newly made chrome bore barrels are in and they are awesome!



This rifle can also be made Ca. legal by making the mag release to be below flush of the mag well with a small hole requiring a pin for operation.

This we will do for free if the buyer resides there.

The only downside to this “California” version is that since the end of the mag catch is what holds the doors closed they will remain open all the time.

For this reason if anyone from that state gets on our list for a future FG42 rifle and does not wish to have the mag doors or hinges period – since they serve no purpose – then we will deduct 250.00 from the basic build cost.

The rifle was ATF approved in April of 2011 and the price is still $4,995.00  as of 06-27-14.

To be placed on the waiting list for the FG42 you need to send the request to smgguns@yahoo.com not here on the site.



The rifle is still priced at  $4,995.00  We hope one day to sell enough that we can bring the price down from that but for now this is where we are.   I also considered going up in price $5 so the math is easier but we are holding out for now.


If you are truly interested in owning one there are two ways right now. The first, and surest is to get on the waiting list by contacting us at smgguns@yahoo.com with your contact info and stating that you want to be added to the list.  The list is getting longer and if you get on right now the projected delivery at our present pace could be up to 9 months – hence the second option.  Which is to bypass the list and buy one of the rifles that will be set aside out of each run that will be sold at auction – probably on gunbroker.com.  How many? Probably 5 out of each run of 15.  The opening bid will be the same price as for the “waiting list” rifles.   If this doesn’t work we will sell them all from the list.  If it works really well and we get more for the auction guns what will we do?  Continue to sell to the waiting list at the SAME as before price and 5 at auction.  This is not a way to find out how far we could jack the price up to – just a way not to have to wait.


We have just recently changed our policy regarding adding names to the list of those wanting to purchase a semi auto FG42. There is now a buyers questionnaire that allows you to make choices on how you would like your rifle to look and a $100.00 non refundable deposit requirement. This supersedes the 500. to start the rifle and now when we are about finished with your rifle we simply call for the balance of funds.The 500 call and then the balance in another 2-4 weeks just seemed redundant.


Things you should know/consider before buying this rifle – what makes it less than a 100% replica and what might be considered improvements in our version verses the original.

1) First and foremost it is built from a solid piece of 4140 that starts out weighing about 13 lbs and ends up at less than 2, and not stamped sheet metal.  Why?  Because it was the only way we could afford to bring this rifle to you at even a close to affordable price.  We are a machine shop – not a sheet metal shop so we do with what we have as tooling dies for the receiver were cost prohibitive for us.  And we understand why some would want sheet metal as that was the way the originals were made.  But reading the history of the rifle it was done that way to make it faster/cheaper en mass and because making the receiver from solid/forgings like the first model FG42′s was slower and cost prohibitive, and also because of key material shortages at that time.   In short – this is not a “cheaped out” way to do it.

As well, we have devoted a lot of time and unnecessary machining to try to make it appear as “sheet metal” as is economically feasible.  This will be my FG42 too and I want it to appear as close to original as we can make it without it becoming so expensive that it is relegated to “safe queen” status.  I am a shooter and the more I shoot this rifle the more I like it as a shooter and I hope you will too!

2) Did I say we are shooters? Good, because we have added/deviated in a number of places in the materials used on things that don’t show because they are more durable/corrosion resistant etc.

Examples of this are:

a: Gas piston head made from super corrosion resistant 316 stainless steel. This stuff works!

b: Recoil spring guide rod/cup from 17-4 PH hardened stainless – again – good stuff

c: Clip adapter/clip guide made from billet and again, not sheet metal like the originals.  Reading the test reports on the rifles if the sheet metal was deformed it could lead to feed issues – we don’t need those issues.  Oh yeah, it is heat treated as well.

d: Ok, It’s official at this point. The lower trigger group housing will be from now on (unless we do something different later of course) be made from steel. Yes, machined from 2 solid halves and then TIGed together. Why? The reasons have to due with the cost/time/difficulty of making them from the one piece of aluminum and then trying to successfully get the part processed and painted to look “right”. We originally said we would never do them in steel but that was before we finally got the first run of aluminum ones finished. 

  Upside is that it will allow a choice of finishes as we can blue or parkerize the steel as well as painting over either of the two.Downside is it is going to add between 3 – 6 ounces to the rifle that we will try to trim elsewhere but no promises. And all parts will freely interchange between the steel and aluminum versions as well as the complete lower.

We put a lot of time and work into making the first ones out of aluminum and are proud of them. And I can say this has not turned out to be any kind of money saver for us or even a way to “speed things up” but this is our direction on this part at this time. Sorry but the aluminum version is not even an option right now due to the above factors.

e:All rifles are now being produced with solid walnut hand guards – like the originals – in a further attempt to reduce cracking in use.  Some still like the look of the laminate better and it is still a no cost option if you would rather have it.

The wooden fore-end/hand guard does not have the waffle strip pressed into the end for strengthening like the originals. That was a good idea but we have bonded in a thin steel liner that not only strengthens things but serves as a  heat shield as well.  In rapid firing 5-7 clips everything ahead of the fore end is skin melting hot – yes I found out the hard way.  And there is some pretty noticeable heat is radiating up through the slots in the fore end but the fore end itself is still very comfortable to hold.  Not sure how much ammo will make it uncomfortable but I am sure we will just have to find out.

f: The original butt stock insert retaining pins had a very nasty habit of cracking/splitting/pulling through the wood. We had no desire to change the look of the stock as it is part of what “makes” the look in our opinion so….  We used small aluminum re-enforcing tabs inside the stock to eliminate this nasty habit. Yours can be special ordered without this update if you prefer the potential for your rifle to wear/split out like the original. Really not even joking here as some want all the inherent hickey’s of the real deal and we are good with that.

g: Front sight bases which incorporate the bayonet lug and sling swivel and bayonet socket as well are – yes you guessed it – machined from heat treated 4140 steel and not stamped like the originals. This means the 2 little rivet heads that held it together are missing as well but we did spend lots of time trying to duplicate the rest of the look.  This is one part that I have to tell you just HAS to be more durable as solid rather than as a stamping because of all that is asked of it!  A lot less prone to bending after being dropped as well.  So less worry when it falls out of the deer stand!

h: Use of the ZB26/30 magazine. This was done in an attempt to use a high quality mag that was moderately priced, available, was the right caliber and looked right – at least it was when we started this. We have enough to build 250 rifles and give 2 mags per rifle but then we have to figure out something.  A “found” warehouse full of them at a good price would be the nicest answer but barring that we may have to make/have made mags one day – I truly hope we end up needing to. And if we ever do they will be new made ZB style mags – they work and why would we change mag types in mid production?

i: Barrel – I can only say the first 30 rifles will be fitted with re-contoured original MG42 barrels. The great folks at Wise Lite Arms had a number of these barrels and allowed us to sort through them and pick out 30 new/seemingly new barrels to build our first 30 rifles. We did this because they were hammer forged high quality barrels, and added a little extra flavor to the build. After these first 30 are gone I am not sure what we will be using but it will either be more of the same – or more likely, barrels from new blanks. I would really like to continue with the hammer forged MG42 barrels but only if the condition is right.

j) Aluminum bipod legs. Yes they are aluminum instead of stamped steel like the originals. Not only are they aluminum but they are extremely high quality Shoei die-cast aluminum legs which are lightweight, exact in shape and form, very strong, and high quality overall.   Great right?  Well one thing that might not be great about that is it means a die-cast aluminum part that pivots into, and bears against a steel bipod leg stop that over time may eat and deform it.   That a problem for you?  Well it was us too so what to do but design and make another PITA part so that now we get all the benefits of the aluminum and the bearing surface/point of engagement, as well as the spring loaded plunger tube/bearing surfaces in steel!


1) Choice of makers code – fzs with the two acceptance stamps, gcy with a single luftamp, or smg with whatever your preference of stamps.

2) Luftampt/Wiemer eagle/whatever you choose to call it, stamp/stamps on the top plate of the receiver as was done on many of the original guns we have picture references of. Many have told us this incorrect but when faced with pictures of the originals with it decide well ok…….  We just finished engraving/stamping all the top plates that were made and all have the acceptance stamps. It is still an option but not until next years run of rifles.

3)Bayonet – really not an option as such as we aren’t making them at this time.  But, we will be very happy to take a MAS 36 bayonet that you supply and shorten the overall length to correct, turn back the length of the knurling a bit if you like, and try to refinish to match as best we can. This we offer at no charge as it doesn’t take a lot of time to do and hey – it is an expensive rifle and we appreciate your business! Time to send in the MAS 36 bayonet would be at the time you send in your deposit as if sent sooner we have the ability to loose it……….

4) Adjustable rear sight. The original was attached with a simple round pin but we will – again at no extra charge – mount it with a small knurled head screw that will give you approximately 9 inches of lateral adjustment at 100 yds as if you shoot much you know all loads don’t hit the same point of aim – even laterally.  This will be as unobtrusive as can be – sorry no scale on the base.  Going back to the original pinned style rear sight can be done but takes a special pin to cover the small adjustment screw counter bore and try to make it look correct. This will also keep you from having to drift the front sight side to side to do this as with the original. You can still move the front sight but it will be MUCH easier with the screw adjustment on the rear, leaves the front sight looking centered, and no hammering on things.

Note! If you intend to use the Swallowtail style scope mount please be aware i will not clear the adjustable rear sight screw head/bushing and you must therefor stick with the pinned style.

5)Color schemes…….  There were many “correct” ones on the original rifles as they were being produced with parts subcontracted out and under times of – well – duress.  That said just about anything would be correct in terms of bluing/parkerizing/black paint/clear laquered parts put together.  I realize every ones tastes vary and we CAN NOT cater to all of the combos as processing places hit us with minimums and since that means 1 or 2 of this or that will cost the same to process as 50 pieces we can only do so much.  So……  We will offer a couple of basic combos and if you want this or that part different and we have it in stock that way or you request it far enough in advance then you can have it.   Pictures coming later on this……

6) Wood stain – or not……..  We understand again that there are many “correct” variations on this but we will probably only be offering two on color unstained with a lighter look or darker stained with a clear sealer.

7) 8mm or .308…..  Right now the rifle is working/proven in 8mm and seems to do fine with both soft point and FMJ ammo. We are very happy with this but understand the mag issue and the desire to have the .308 for ammo/blanks future availability so….  We have now built and tested the .308 version and finalized on using the M1A mag – the FAL mag just did not work well for this rifle. There are still minor issues to be delt with but the basic rifle is up and running great and we will post pics before long.



  • Bill Kestell (2674 days)

    “30 Days” … reminds me of that old rockabilly hit from the 50′s! Outstanding job, Rick … simply outstanding!

  • David Kumhyr (2650 days)


    All I can say now is WOW! I am impressed at what you guys have done. I simply cannot wait until I get mine.

    A dream come true!

    ‘der Feld’

  • Rick Smith (2649 days)

    Thanks David! We should be shipping rifles pretty soon but we keep getting held up making “tweeks” to things as we go trying to make a better finished product as we would really like happy owners!


  • Connor Burnes (2540 days)

    I wish I could afford one, sadly the US Army doesn’t pay me enough for this to be affordable. So for now I will simply have to admire it from afar. Good job on bringing a very cool piece of history back to life.

  • Rick Smith (2539 days)

    Hi Connor,
    Thanks for serving – my youngest is in the Marines. People like yourself insure we here back home can make things like this. I hope we are still building them for some time to come and one day you can own one if you still want one!


  • Brenden Malloy (2534 days)

    Well, I am truly impressed by this. For you guys to make rare gun like this that shoots semi auto and for the price you have is a amzing. I am curious if their are payment plans for people buying this weapon,and i know everyone seems to ask if you are going to make this style or that style gun but are their any plans in the future to make affordable semi auto 1918 B.A.R’s or the 1918A2 B.A.R. And i would like to know if their are any other details about ordering the FG42

  • Rick Smith (2534 days)

    Hi Brenden,
    Thanks for your comments. We really don’t have a payment plan but we do have a waiting list! That would allow you time to gather the funds. The BAR is done and done well by the folks at Ohio ordnance and I see no reason to try to market a weapon that is already available. Besides, we have our hands pretty full right now.


  • Russ Bevill (2523 days)

    Geetings rick,

    I’m #27 on your waiting list. Approximately where does this place on your out the door list?



  • Rick Smith (2523 days)

    Hi Russ,
    With the way things are looking/progressing I am thinking December sometime.


  • John Lalley (2480 days)

    When do you plan to market the .308 version? Have you got a waiting list for it? Thanks looks like a great rifle.

  • Connor Burnes (2408 days)

    Thank you it means a lot to know everyone at home is behind us. I will be returning from deployment roughly around October. Would they still be available then?

  • Rick Smith (2407 days)

    Hi Connor,
    Unless something happens to us they will! Are you on the list yet because if not delivery won’t be until after then anyway.


  • John DiDio (2386 days)

    i just found out about your new fg-42 and yes please put my name on your waiting list. i posted a comment early today but i’am not sure if it went through so i’am sending this again.if possible please send me a responce so i know i am on the list. also do you have a phone number that you can be reached at? it would help as i’am a terible typist and i have some other questions and it would be helpful in knowing when i can send you my ffl dealer info.hope to hear from you soon and i also have a friend who may also be interested in getting a fg-42 reguards john didio

  • Bruce Kurtz (2385 days)

    Add me to the list!

    Any updates for the 308 version? Have you finalized on a mag yet?

  • Lindsey Kiang (2364 days)

    Where are you planning to stamp your Manufacturer Logo and serial number? I hope you will be able to place it on the receiver, way towards the end so that it will be covered by the wood stock which slides over the end of the receiver.

  • Dan McIneny (2108 days)

    Hi Rick, I have emailed Estes Adams several times to order Two FG42 scope mounts, he never answers. can you light a fire under him? I would like to have them ready for the 2 rifles you are making for me.Thanks in advance, and happy Thanksgiving!
    Dan out.

  • Peter (2080 days)


    I have now put a few thousand rounds through my FG42. I have taken it hunting and found the safety selector to be much less than satisfactory. Are you selling spare parts yet as I do need to order some now while everything is still working fine. I would also like to modify a safety selector so that it is less obtrusive and harder to accidentaly manipulate while hunting.

  • Rick Smith (2071 days)

    Hi Peter,
    Thanks for shooting your rifle – thats what we built them for! The original style safety does leave something to be desired but was what folks wanted for “originality”. Write me at smgguns@yahoo.com for spares etc.. Have you broken anything or just want to have some “just in case”?


  • Robert”Frenchy”Segool (1908 days)


  • KB (1502 days)

    Very nice looking Rifle. However, $5,000 is outrageous and is taking advantage of people that don’t have a clue! Just my opinion.

  • Rick Smith (1502 days)

    Yes it does seem outrageous – until you try to prototype/develop and then manufacture in small quantity for any kind of a profit margin. So with all due respect I think buyers of the rifle actually do have a clue and maybe you do not.
    Or maybe you could build it for us?

  • carl (1487 days)

    rick, awesome rifle what i can see on the videos , congrats on that job to you guys . i hope the price will come down one day so i can afford one as well , im german & in the states since a few years and most def like to own a piece of history once they get in bigger production. will keep an eye on you guys til then

  • Jon Grossardt (1424 days)

    Note to KB – obviously you haven’t priced high quality, custom firearms lately. Even a dummy, non-gun FG will run $1500. +. A pre-ban HK, FAL, or even a G43 will run $3K or more. $5,000 for this rifle is a bargain…

  • Jon Grossardt (1392 days)

    Rick – just a note. One of your rifles has been used in filming a movie, still under production. Movie is called War Pigs and there is a photo of it being fired (with blanks) posted on their facebook page with Dolph Lundgren.


  • Rick Smith (1392 days)

    Hi Jon,
    Thanks – that sure looks like one of ours! Cool if it really is and ends up staying past the cuts….. Wonder who we contact to get some stills? Coll cool…… : )


  • Jon (1390 days)

    Rick, I can guarantee you that it is one of yours (mine now…). Could probably contact the War Pigs facebook page and see about stills. A chance it will appear at other spots in the movie also – all depends on editing.

  • Rick Smith (1390 days)

    Hi Jon,
    That is cool! Please do contact them if possible. I would pay a reasonable fee to have a few to hang in the office!


  • Jon (1388 days)


    Request has been made. They are checking for other photos too.

  • Rick Smith (1388 days)


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