DPM, DT Pics

Here are some pics of the DPM and DT’s we have built.


  • Mick (2572 days)

    That DTM with the folding stock is so cool.Will you be making these & offering them for sale?Or do I have to find a kit?Thanks,Mick.

  • Rick Smith (2572 days)

    Hi Mick,
    The sliding stock setup on the DT is cool but kits are hard to come by so you would need your own. We have also placed all other builds on hold for the next couple of months due to our FG42 project.


  • Ivan (2525 days)

    Hello Rick ! Those are pics of my DTM you built. What a neat piece ! Runs well,good way to get rid of 7.62x54R ammo.
    My DTM is on the market ,if you know of any interested buyers. Too bad the kits are so hard to find. When I spoke to you a year ago you said you only built twelve of these ?
    Thanks again .

  • Rick Smith (2525 days)

    Hi Ivan,
    Thanks for the note. Yes we have only built 12 of them for that original run and although many have expressed an interest in one there aren’t a lot of kits to be had. I am posting this on the site so that if anyone reads it they can write and we can put you in touch with them. At some point we need to add a couple of pages to our site. A rouges gallery of owners of our builds and the ability for them to post comments – good or bad. Also a page where they can post ads of “wanting to sell”. We just need more hours in the day!


  • John L. (2524 days)

    I am interested in a DTM, either by your past customers or future builds.

  • K.D (2266 days)

    I am considering a DPM build or two, can you modify the DT Mags to the DPM?
    Also what barrels are you using or the builds given the barrel ban, nagants or bull barrel nagants?

  • Rick Smith (2266 days)

    Hi K.D.,
    WE are only doing the builds 3 or 4 times a year now because of the FG42 project – just not enough time. Yes on the DT mags but you can’t use the standard sights then as it is too tall to see over. We are doing it on a post sample DPM and thinking of some sort of optic. Nothing on the barrels as we don’t have the time to try to convert barrels so unless you have a good barrel we can’t do the build.


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