DP28 pics

DP28' ready to go!

DP28's ready for a new home.

A "shorty" DP28 with pistol grip. This is a customers idea/mockup and we think it is a cool one!

Another one ready to go "home" to it's owner.

Business end of the above gun showing the "flash cone" now a "muzzle brake". Couldn't tell could you? And it really helps with what recoil there was to begin with!

Detail veiw


  • Zackary (2913 days)

    I was wondering if you guys are able to build this Polish DPM parts kit into a rifle. If you are able to build it how much would it cost?


  • Rick Smith (2906 days)

    We do build from those kits – have built many in the past. Take a look at our GunBroker.com ad on that very thing!

  • Alex Haugland (2894 days)

    I saw that last year, Weaponeer.net had DP-28 front ends with barrel shrouds that you made listed for sale… Do you still have any available?

  • Rick Smith (2893 days)

    Hi Alex,
    Sorry for the delayed response but I checked and all we have left are those earmarked for building our own kits here. We just don’t know when we will be able to make any more so ……….

  • Joe (2868 days)

    Hello Guys!, Excellent work! Really beautiful stuff. Do you have that front end repair section for sale without the shroud? If so, what would it cost? Best, Joe

  • Rick Smith (2868 days)

    Thanks! We have maybe 6 left without the shrouds.

  • Justin (2868 days)

    My order is being built right now and I can’t wait to get it and try it out! This looks like a really high quality build, and I’m sure that it’s gonna be good now that the bugs have been worked out. Thanks!

  • Rick Smith (2867 days)

    Hi Justin,
    Did you buy yours through MGS? What bugs? Those have been great shooters from the start – one of the most reliable builds we do! Well, that and the Bren, and the ZB’s, and the PPS43′s……… lol

  • Justin (2864 days)

    Yeah, I bought mine from MGS. I heard some of the earlier builds by WLA has problems with a few pins. Other than that I’ve heard the guns you guys build run better than anything else on the market! I am really looking forward to getting mine!

  • Justin (2822 days)

    I got the rifle in…. WOW!!!!!!!! If anyone out there is considering getting a weapon from SMG Guns, don’t wait. This is the best purchase I have made! Very high quality workmanship, very good tight tolerances. A gun to pass through the generations! Thanks to all who make this company the best in the business!

  • Rick Smith (2818 days)

    Thanks Justin,
    We want you to be happy with what you get from us – sorry it took so long – wow the FG42 project has taken over everything!

    Rick & Bryan

  • rbedford33@aol.com (2617 days)

    I have never bought a weapon from a kit. I do not know what to expect. What do you need to take it from a kit to workable weapon. I love my other Com-block guns. I have a Hungarian AKM (Kassner), a Romanian PSL, Saiga 12 and Bulgarian AK74. They are fun to shoot and much more reliable and less expensive to shoot than my olympic AR-15. Centerfire has 50 kits advertised for $230. I am looking to treat myself!

  • Rick Smith (2617 days)

    Way too much to go into here. I suggest you visit weaponsguild.com where home building is their forte’ and lots of good people there to share info and help. I understand they are in the middle of redoing their website but thats where I would go. Have fun.


  • Dean (2614 days)

    Hi, Rick-

    Been looking for a source of barrels for a DP28 before seriously considering taking the plunge-can you tell me if you get new ones somewhere or do you somehow weld up the drilled holes in the demilled ones?
    Also, have you had any experience with rewelding the cut receivers or is there such a thing as a “repair” piece such as is made for PPS43′s? What do you use on your builds?
    Didn’t find answers to these at weaponsguild but maybe I just suck at choosing my search terms…


  • Rick Smith (2614 days)

    Hi Dean,
    We don’t have a source for barrels or a way to repair that we could stand behind. We have welded 100′s and have been making repair section, parts, and pieces for years. Look under our homebuilders section. I guess I need to add though that due to the 42 project – if it is not in stock it will be some time before we make any more.


  • Nik (2330 days)

    Hi I live in California and Im looking into building a DPM-28 from parts kit(from cope’s distributing) and I was wondering if you have or can make a 10rd magazine because I can’t find one or anyone who can do that or do a rebuild mag (to hold 10rd). By the way nice job on dpm builds.

  • Rick Smith (2330 days)

    Hi Nik,
    We don’t have any except what we convert for our builds. It is a very easy/pain in the rear thing to do but if you will send your enquiry to: smgguns@yahoo.com I will pass it along to my son who does this and see if he either wants to respond on how he does it or offer the service.
    Thanks for the words on the DPM!


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