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Originally put into service in 1928, these light machine guns are still in use in various countries across the world. The (Ruchnoy Pulemyot Degtyaryova Pekhotny) (Degtyaryov hand-held infantry machine gun) or DP was a light machine gun firing the 7.62x54mmR cartridge that was used by the Soviet Union starting in 1928. It was easy to manufacture with available technology and fairly inexpensive – early models had fewer than 80 parts and could be built quickly. The DP was especially able to withstand dirt. In tests it was buried in sand and mud and was still capable of firing more than 500 rounds. The DP’s lower cyclic rate of fire meant a reduced risk of the barrel overheating.


These rifles look and feel just the like the original but will function only in a semi automatic operation. They are of polish origin and in outstanding condition, including new made chrome-lined barrel. Each rifle will come fully assembled with one 47rd pan magazine,  and wooden shipping crate or hard gun case. Ready to fire! Only a limited number of rifles will be built so don’t miss out on a chance to own a piece of Red Army WW2 history. From the frozen forests of Finland to the savage fighting of Stalingrad the DP-28 was there.

Note: DP28′s purchased directly from us will only come with one magazine and fitted wooden case as that is all we received with the kit. The DP28 is not normally sold direct from us – sorry for any confusion.


  • Todd K. (2419 days)

    Hi, Ive been on the seach for A dp-28/DPM-28 what ever you want to go by. Do you have any for sale?, if so how much, and if not any good sources to find one?..thanks

  • Rick Smith (2419 days)

    Hi Todd,
    We will have one or two of each gor sale in about 3 weeks.


  • James Bucklin (2260 days)

    I am looking to buy a DP28, do you still have any for sale. I would thank you for your reply.
    James Bucklin

  • Rick Smith (2259 days)

    We are out of the new front shrouds so unless you had a good shroud and barrel we can’t even build from a kit at this time. Thanks for the inquiry though.


  • James Birkenstock (2123 days)

    Is there anyway you guys can do a build still? I’m really interested and do not have the means to build my own.


  • Rick Smith (2123 days)

    We are totally out of DP28 front barrel shrouds and no idea when we will make more but it will definitely be well into next year sometime. So unless you have a good usable barrel shroud for the DP28 that build cannot be done. Also, We don’t have an opening on a DP build session until first quarter of next year and if you want on that one we need either your kit or a 250 deposit. Otherwise it will be 3-4 months to the next build. Thanks for your interest!


  • Tony (1823 days)

    Hi there. I guess I am late to the party… just wondering if there is any chance of acquiring a DP-28?

  • Rick Smith (1823 days)

    Hi Tony,
    Right now all those builds are on a semi permanent hold until we catch up on a few things. Then, unless you have a good barrel we are out of luck as we have no spare barrels for the DP series of guns at all.


  • Stephen (1751 days)

    Interested in having a semi-auto DP28 built out of one of the kits I bought years back from MGS. This kit DOES come w/the original barrel.
    When do you expect to be back at those and how do I proceed on this ?
    Thanks, Steve

  • Rick Smith (1749 days)

    Hi Steve,
    Right now all the Bren/ZB/ DP series builds are on a semi permanent hold due to the FG42 program. The good barrel is a key thing but so is an new barrel shroud – which we are completely out of.


  • Kinger (1722 days)

    Do you have any semi DP-28 FCG parts available?

  • Rick Smith (1716 days)

    Hi Kinger,
    Right now no – sorry – and not sure if/when we will make more.


  • Dan (1691 days)

    I would like to have my DP-38 kit built, please advise when you will be working on these kits again. I have a kit from a group buy purchased between 2003-2005.


  • Rick Smith (1690 days)

    Hi Dan,
    All of those builds are still on semi permanent hold and if/when we do ever make a run again we will post it on our website. We don’t keep a list of interest as in the past so many changed their minds/whatever that we only keep lists of things we take deposits on that we are actually for sure going to build. Thanks for your interest!


  • Bob (1548 days)

    Do you sell any non-firing or display only DP-28s? If so, can I have a price on one as well as a price on a semi-auto DP-28. Thanks.

  • Rick Smith (1547 days)

    Hi Bob,
    No, like the website states – we just don’t have time right now to work on anything outside of the FG42 project. Thanks for your interest!


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