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We are now getting between 1-2 thousand spam mails every day that we sift through to see that we don’t delete legitimate mail. This is a big time killer so until we get the site setup better we are going to ask that if you want to comment or ask a question etc you send it to us at .  As of today all bulk spam here will be deleted and the hour or so will shift back to making rifles.  Thanks!


You can contact us :


1033 CR 4380

Decatur, Tx. 76234

Or email Rick at:

For questions regarding current or future Bren, ZB, or DP series builds please contact Bryan at:

He has always been the magic for those builds and has been tied up of late trying to help catch us up on the FG42 project. We will be trying to release him soon………





  • tom beebe (2678 days)

    Hello, can I buy a KP-44 pistol from you, or do I have to get one from Military Gun Supply? thanks, Tom

  • Rick Smith (2678 days)

    We not longer build the KP44. The last ones we will probably ever build were delivered to MGS some time ago so if you want one I would call them ASAP!


  • Kurtis kilponen (2584 days)


    Interested in your Bren/zb series of rifles. Have FFl
    dealer to go through. What is your pricing and do you
    have other calibers other than .303 or 8mm. Also looked
    on gunbroker, rather deal with you through my FFl dealer. Looks like a great product line and have wanted
    either a Bren or ZB series for along time. Showed a couple guys your site here in Iraq (am contractor for U.S army) they were impressed. Enjoyed your site.
    Kurtis Kilponen

  • Rick Smith (2583 days)

    Thanks Kurtis – I wrote you via

  • CHRISTOPHER HAGA (2579 days)

    I would love for you to put me down for your fg42 rifle project for purchase thanks.

  • Mike (2570 days)

    I have seen your videos on Youtube and saw your latest Fg-42 project. You guys are nothing short of genius!!!! My question is; would you gentlemen be considering a m56 yugo smg project? I only say this because of your pps-43 pistol and carbine success. Plus I am convinced you guys could probably re-build anything.

    Thank you for your time:


  • Rick Smith (2569 days)

    Hi Mike,
    Thanks for your compliment! My son is responsible for a lot of what you see. We looked at the M56 one time and even had a couple of kits but sold them as there just weren’t enough of those out there to justify the money spent getting one sorted out and approved for production. Thanks for considering us!


  • Kurtis kilponen (2564 days)


    been busy in Country, need quote on zb30 or 26
    so can give to dealer.

  • Rick Smith (2564 days)

    Do you have a kit? Otherwise we are out of luck.


  • howard roberts (2552 days)

    What has happened to my Bren, sent you numerous emails and have not received any replys , you said that the gun was finished and ready to ship???. I have a FFL shop in houston that will accept delivery, I sent you this info befor I left. What is the hold up.


  • Rick Smith (2550 days)

    Hi Mickey,
    Your Bren IS and has been ready to ship for over a month now and I do have the info for the new dealer you want to use. We have spent the last 2 weeks trying to get the 42 ready for an event this past weekend. Now I am back and will get your Bren shipped to you this week. When we were having problems on your end with your dealer I waited patiently for you to make other arrangements. Please do not panic when we don’t drop everything on this end when you have your arrangements made. We are a small outfit and can only do so much. Thanks, Rick

  • Rick Barry (2541 days)

    do you have any PPs-43 in 762.25 left in stock if so how much


  • Rick Smith (2540 days)

    Hi Rick,
    We have sold the last complete one we have in stock. We have more parts kits but are short the trigger group parts needed and since there is no machine time available right now we are looking at at least 2 months before more parts are available.


  • tom mclaughlin (2533 days)


  • Rick Smith (2533 days)

    It probably is buildable and if so will be the +$300 extra charge for such a build. We really need pictures of all the receiver pices lined up together and from both sides for a start. The final determination of course is a hands on look see but we have built kits from cuts like you describe in the past. And although they take a lot longer and are a pain the finished product looks and functions great!


  • Barry D. Kemball-Cook (2517 days)

    I would like to get on youe waiting list to buy an FG42. What do you need from me to reserve this?


    Barry D. Kemball-Cook

  • Rick Smith (2516 days)

    Hi Barry,
    Just send me an email at with your contact info – right now thats all we need!Thanks for your interest!


  • Charles Glick (2514 days)

    Please put my name on your list to receve one of the FG42 semi-auto rifles. I have a military museum open to the public, and this would be great for the Luftjager display. Thank You.

  • Danny Wiener (2504 days)

    I have a odd question… Now SSD makes the stg 44 type rifles and so on, and your product is awsom, but there is a rifle that i doubt ssd will import and that is the g43, and i was wondering if there was any plans to produce one or any other rifles from that era. Also if perhaps you might know some one who is if your not. I would really love to see reproduction G43′s

  • Rick Smith (2504 days)

    Hi Danny,
    Thanks for the note. The short answer is yes we have a desire to build and market many more cool things along those lines in the future but the first thing we have to do is bring the 42 to a marketable mature product before we look at anything else.
    One problem I see with the G43 reproduction is even though the SSD version is not available here people of course still talk about it. And what they say are things that as a manufacturer I listen too. What I keep reading over and over is that although cool they are just too expensive and there are too many “real” ones available for that price or less. I can tell you as long as the sentiment of the buying public is that there is no market and will be no new production – no money in it.
    As cool as it would be to make em dirt cheep and sell a zillion the truth is it is a limited market item and so has to bring a higher price. And if that higher price goes above what people say they will pay, then it just is not going to happen. Maybe in 50 years when the originals are worth a lot more or too hard to find.


  • George Esteves (2451 days)

    Good afternoon gentleman, i recently was put on the list for an FG-42(#58) but have heard a rumor that the project has been deep sixed, i hope not you our last hope to get one at a excellent price. My other question is a friend has given me one of the semi Radom pps-43, but the tiggger group appears to be weak and i know you guys make a great version of this, is it possible to get my trigger group upgraded to your parts, please advise and Thank You for your time.

  • Rick Smith (2450 days)

    Hi George,
    Wow – you gotta love the rumor mills. I would like to know where it started and why but it really doesn’t matter as it is false. We work on it every day and are about to go to ATF with our sample rifle. Take a breath – we have this project on the front burner at all times.


  • George Esteves (2445 days)

    Thanks Rick, thats great news, on another note the poorly built Radom PPS-43 trigger groups, do you have a replacement lower or could you upgrade the trigger group i have, let me know if this is doable,when you get a chance of course, Thanks again.

  • Jimmy Dunlap (2427 days)

    Sir, I am curious about the clearance of the Fal mag and the shooters face if the mag is 90 degrees to the gun. That is not to close for recoil is it? Hoping to see a finished gun soon. Jimmy

  • Rick Smith (2426 days)

    Hi Jimmy,
    There will actually be a little more clearance for your face as the FAL mag is a little over 3/8 of an inch shorter in width than the 8mm mag. The front of the mag is in the same position in the rifle so it effectively moves the rear of the mag forward – even with it at 90 degrees. Good question though!


  • Steve C. (2402 days)

    Hi Rick, was the ammo tested with my ZB26 the old Egyptian 8mm? – I think you guys told me that but just need to confirm. I am trying to resupply my ammo; was that lead core? Also will the 70′s Yugo 8mm ammo work well with the gun? Thanks!

  • Rick Smith (2401 days)

    Hi Steve,
    We generally use some Portugese (sp) stuff we have from the 70′s and some commercial when test firing. The Egyption is just going concrete primer with some hang fires on us and I don’t want to ding a ZB over it. I don’t have any of the Yugo stuff to try but as long as the primers aren’t too hard and it goes off reliable it should be OK. How has the ZB been so far? Fun I hope – I love those guns! : ) Good to hear from you!

  • Steve C. (2401 days)

    ZB is doing fine, just that I have been using commericial new 8mm FMJ, and it sometimes ran into problems ejecting. Guess the ammo not as hot as the military ones. Other than that gun shoots fine – made the boys at range turned their heads for sure. I will give the 70′s and 80′s Yugo stuff a try. Thanks Rick!

  • Peyton Carlson (2171 days)

    I see there are several inexpensive DPM kits for sale on I am not a gunsmith and am old enough and smart enough not to pretend otherwise. These kits have a torched receiver (no surprise, I assume) and a barrel that has three holes drilled in it. I also assume their barrel is now junk and the effort to weld the receiver is less than the effort to create a new one? Otherwise, they seem to have everything in good order. Can these be used in a build on your part or can I acquire a good upper reciever and barrel from you that would allow the completion of a DPM by a competent gunsmith in my area? Can you/would you be willing to work with such kits and sell back a completed semi auto item ready to fire? I am not in a hurry and don’t ask you to be either. I assume the limiting factor would be the availability of a receiver, barrel, and possibly spare time on your part. Thank you for making this request thinkable and God bless you for your efforts on the behalf of your buying public!!!

  • Rick Smith (2162 days)

    Hi Peyton,
    The DPM kits are nice and at a great price but without a good barrel are unusable. If you have a good un-drilled barrel then the options are to do a weld up with one of our front repair sections (making more in about 6 weeks as we are out of stock now) or just use one of our complete new receivers – still have a couple of those. But honestly even then it can be a difficult job as it requires quit a bit of machine work on the bolt, bolt carrier, and lower trigger housing in addition to all the FCG components used to convert those parts into semi auto configuration. I am not saying it can’t be done – because it can – but about 4 out of 5 homebuilders end up returning it to us for completion. Just ends up costing them more as well.
    We do build from the kits like you are describing and have a list now of people we have taken deposits from to do just that when we start the next run of them in about another 6 weeks. It is all here on our website I thought….

    Best regards, Rick

  • carlo cresci (2136 days)

    Hi I bought one of those DPM kits from centerfiresystems and didn’t realize it had 3 holes drilled in the barrel till I got it do you guys have DP barrels for sale at all or do you know any barrel manufacturers that could recreate them

  • Rick Smith (2135 days)

    Sorry – no – we are all in the same boat on that problem.


  • jason brown (2118 days)

    Does your company have any of the pps43 carbines avliable,in 7.62x25mm or 9mm,and what are the prices on those items. Thank you for ur time sicerely Jason Brown

  • Rick Smith (2118 days)

    Hi Jason,
    We have a limited number of the 7.62×25 versions that could be ready to ship in a week or two and could do the 9mm as well but would take a little longer. We are probably never again going to make more but will one day sell what we have left. The price is listed here on this site I believe for $499.00.


  • Joseph Smida (2111 days)

    I am interested in the FG-42 rifle. My question is can I get one with a blank adaptor to shoot blanks? Caliber 8mm or 308?

  • Rick Smith (2111 days)

    We do not blank adapt them – for a number of reasons, but many are and I know it is not that hard to do. For info on that topic you might do a search on the as some are even making and selling the adapters already.


  • darryl white (2109 days)

    do you sell dp-28 barrels , need two if you do???


  • Rick Smith (2108 days)

    We don’t have any spares and could use a few ourselves.


  • John DiDio (2099 days)

    i’ve just heard about your semi-auto fg 42 and i would very much like to be put on the buyer’s list when go up for sale. i am assuming the mags are 10 round cap. as i live in new york and have to deal with that wounderful high cap mag for the pictures on your website it looks like you’ve done a great job and constructed a beautiful rifle.i already own a car 98-k and the semi auto verison of the 1918 BAR from ohio ordenance and this would make a great addition to my collection. please e-mail as soon as possible when sales begin and i will send you the F.F.L. dealer i do business with here on long island.i look foward to getting your e-mail reguards john DiDio

  • Rick Smith (2098 days)

    Hi John,
    If you are interested please send a letter of intent to to be put on the waiting list. That is the only way right now – except the ocassional gunbroker sale – to buy one. Thanks for your interest.


  • mike tallman (1981 days)

    i have a bren kit thats cut very neat,not a crude one. do you buy kits from peaple ? if so what are you paying. thanks,mike.

  • Rick Smith (1978 days)

    Hi Mike,
    We do sometimes buy kits and it all depends on condition, completeness, way it was cut, what MK etc etc.. Send some pics of it to: with an idea of what you want for it and I will be happy to take a look.


  • Mark (1960 days)

    You make incredible firearms!

    Do you have plans to build my favorite; a StG-44 (7.92 x 33 Kurz) any time soon?

    It seems to be such a “wanted” rifle by so many people in the firearm forums but so few are available in the US. I have on order the new “bolt by bolt” replica GSG StG-44 sadly it is only cambered in .22LR but this is all that is out there right now. The few newer 44′s that were shortly made/imported in the US are exceedingly rare, costly and/or unreliable.

    With such a demand for an original 7.92×33 kurz chambered 44, I bet if you made a reliable StG44 for your relatively reasonable price, you would make a fortune.

    Thank you for all your hard work and for resurrecting such rare firearms of history…. nothing short of amazing!

    Please email me, thanks

  • Rick Smith (1957 days)

    Hi Mark,
    That would be cool but not for the foreseeable future. The next will be the type I FG42 in both 8mm and .308. If SSD is able to import their line into the US again there will be MP44′s aplenty!


  • Owen Farrar (1929 days)

    I am looking to have my PKM finished with semi-auto parts. My receiver is assembled except for semi-auto parts. Is there anyway you guys can help me? I understand that you guys built the Lamar guns. You guys are the only ones I trust to do a good job. You come highly recommended by Eric . Could you finish my PKM? I would appreciate any help.

    Thank you,

  • Phil Zimmer (1875 days)

    I am a Soviet reenactor. I am looking for a pps43 ‘nongun gun’….meaning a nonfiring pps43 and a magazine with no internal spring. The bolt would be cut or firmly welded into place to conform with federal and NYS laws. I would prefer the shorter barrel (10-11 inches).

    What would it run to have you folks put that together for me?

  • Rick Smith (1874 days)

    Hi Phil,
    Please write to me at as I would have a few more questions for you before we could quote you a price.


  • Rick Smith (1874 days)

    Hi Owen,
    Sorry for the delayed response. Up until recently my response would be that we do not build that weapon but my son is working on a sample to send in to the ATF. Once that is done we will offer that build – just trying not to get ahead of ourselves. More questions on this should be directed to:


  • Alan Cheney (1865 days)

    Hi ive been looking for a Bren gun for some time and found one at the dallas gun show I took a picture of it and would like to know if i sent it to you could you restore it better than it is now. I will be working in Plano for a nother week and hope you can let me know before I leave. You can call me any time @ 601 415 4015 thanks Alan.

  • Rick Smith (1864 days)

    Hi Alan,
    We normally do not “spruce up” other companies builds as we have no idea what we are getting into and most people aren’t interested in spending what it takes to fix things if we get into it and have to do a lot more work than anticipated. Thanks for the inquiry.


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