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We are now getting between 1-2 thousand spam mails every day that we sift through to see that we don’t delete legitimate mail. This is a big time killer so until we get the site setup better we are going to ask that if you want to comment or ask a question etc you send it to us at .  As of today all bulk spam here will be deleted and the hour or so will shift back to making rifles.  Thanks!


You can contact us :


1033 CR 4380

Decatur, Tx. 76234

Or email Rick at:

For questions regarding current or future Bren, ZB, or DP series builds please contact Bryan at:

He has always been the magic for those builds and has been tied up of late trying to help catch us up on the FG42 project. We will be trying to release him soon………





  • Gus (2148 days)

    Is there any chance you will be able to offer dummy non firing display FG42′s for export to the UK, (Plugged barrel non functioning bolt etc) or kits of parts such as woodwork & bipod and non pressure bearing metal parts so that re-enactors in the UK can make up?

  • Rick Smith (2148 days)

    Hi Gus,
    I would have to look into that idea – never considered it really since there are already makers of replicas out there – Shoei of Japan. We have had a number of requests for export to individuals of other countries but have always passed because of the extremely high fees/taxes/tariffs associated with arms exports. And the very small size of our company – limited sales make it cost prohibitive. We would need a price point to be able to determine whether or not it would be justifiable. We had also considered a select fire blank only version for re-enactors but again – price point and numbers that might get sold are the deciding factors. Feel free to share ideas or info on the subject to me at:


  • Stan Cooper (2140 days)

    Hi Rick: I was wondering what numbers you’re up to for the FG’s. I think I’m #68? Stan Cooper

  • Rick Smith (2140 days)

    Hi Stan,
    Please write us at: as everything gets caught in the spam filter here right now.


  • James Lassman (2113 days)

    Wow!!!! What a great job!! My Bren Mk 1 is absolutely perfect. And what a great shooter. I commend you for your excellent work!! Many thanks and keep up the great work.
    Jim L

  • Rick Smith (2113 days)

    Hi Jim,
    Glad you liked it! I will tell my oldest son as he is the one that works the Bren magic!


  • Albert Adams (2082 days)

    When you again produce whole semi bren uns from kits next year would it be possible for me to send all compliance parts with the kit and get a reduction in price for the job? Can I be placed on a contact list for a semi been and a semi dp-28 to a least have a chance to get this done before the end of 2014?
    Thank you for a reply and for the service you provide!

  • Lindsey Kiang (2076 days)

    Rick, we all have been seeing the news about the shootings in Connecticut. You don’t have to be genius to know that the anti-gun forces will be on the offensive now…they think they have the momentum. And maybe they do, because of the deep emotionalism that the Connecticut shootings have aroused.

    So I’m worried about legislation that bans so-called “assault rifles.” They did that once before, you know. I am on your wait list, but I don’t know how fast your production is going. In the worst case scenario where the legislation gets passed before I get my FG42 from you, do you think the FG42 would fall under the assault rifle criteria? Collapsible stock, pistol grip, high-cap magazine, and bayonet. What do you think? I’m really worried. Thanks. Lindsey

  • Rick Smith (2071 days)

    Hi Lindsey,
    We are all in the same boat and will not know which way to jump – or do any jumping – until we see the direction it is going. Just keep writing those letters and supporting those that support us – lawful gun owners.


  • Rick Smith (2071 days)

    Hi Albert,
    We don’t build with others compliance parts with the exception of buttstocks/pistol grips that are already finished/fitted to the lower – for lots of reasons. We build with ours as those are what we are familiar with and we don’t have to sort out somebody else’s setup. Have tried it in the paste and have lost money doing it. Right now with things as they are all Bren/ZB/DP series builds are on a semi permanent hold until we see what is going to happen as we focus on FG42 builds.


  • Dustin (2060 days)

    Hello , I was wondering if your going to make another run of semi auto receivers for the DP-28. Thanks Dustin

  • Rick Smith (2060 days)

    Hi Dustin,
    No – based on them being lots of work for little/slow sales return and the current uncertainty of the future of the business in general.


  • Joseph Marinello (2018 days)

    Hello guys

    My name is Joseph Marinello and I’m a big WWII history buff and a firearms enthusiast. I like the fact that your reproducing the FG42, and other various weapons from WWII. For most of us reenactors can hardly afford the transferrable original ones. One of my favorite WWII weapons is the German STG 44 assult rifle. The new GSG .22LR STG 44s are nice to have and all, but it just isn’t the same without the round that it was designed for 8mm kurz. I know that at one point someone was actually importing some semi auto reproduction STGs from Germany, but termanated the project and now there’s no way anyone can uptain a STG 44 in the 8mm kurz round. I was wandering if you guys have put any thought into reproducing one yourselves, if so how long would it take and how much would the cost be if you were able to get it into production? To add insult to injury with our unfair laws of the NFA and the BATF. The free syrian army recieved 5000 original WWII STG 44 assult rifles to use in their fight. Its sad that most if not all of them would most likely be destroyed afterwords.



  • Grace (2003 days)

    It should be sttaed that Rosie the Riveter is the American version of Ronnie the Bren Gun Girl I believe this photo was taken in 1941, roughly 7 months before the Yanks were even in the War.They both did play a pivotal role in WW2 propaganda.

  • Matt (1738 days)

    Are yall still in buisness? Sent numerous email with no responses

  • Rick Smith (1716 days)

    Hi Matt,
    Where were you sending email to? Here? Wrong place as we receive hundreds every other day that go in the spam catch. And yes I do go through them before they are deleted sometimes things get missed. It says to contact us at – thats still the best route.


  • zoie (1612 days)

    hi I’m interested in the dtm28 receiver I have put to gather three lots and am wondering if you are making the dt receivers at this time.

  • Rick Smith (1611 days)

    Please write me at:

  • aubrey nevins (1566 days)

    seeing as no one is making a stg44/mp44 and I’m sure there is a high demand for them is there a possible way for your company to make a reproduction of the rifle if so i would buy one in a heartbeat and I’m sure there are plenty others that would as well

  • Rick Smith (1565 days)

    Hi Aubrey,
    There seems to be a high demand – if you could make them for 2,500.00 each. And with the costs of the stamping dies alone that will never happen. Our experience in this business so far has been that roughly two thirds of the “I’d buy one right now” set drop by the wayside when confronted with the prospect of actually making the purchase and so a small company like ours has to be very careful where we invest what money we have.
    Quit simply, one major bad decision like that could take us out of business. We would love to – and maybe one day….. Or maybe one day someone else will take it on.

    Best regards,

  • John Glassberg (1521 days)

    I wish to talk to someone about the fg42. Very interested. Please send telephone number…………….Thank you

  • Rick Smith (1520 days)

    Hi John,
    Sorry but we are a small company without a secretary and so we are either talking on the phone or building rifles…… If you have specific questions please send them to me at and I will try to answer them.


  • larry johnson (1440 days)

    i am curious if by some chance you would have any pps43 extractors that you would sell……am in need of 2……..if not do you know anyone that does…thanks

  • Rick Smith (1439 days)

    Hi Larry,
    No, sorry. We were going to end up having to make them from scratch ourselves as some of the kits were missing them but pulled the plug on the program before we got to that point. Only way we were ever able to get a spare was to buy a complete bolt…..


  • edward (1431 days)

    hi, SMG are you going to start working on the dp28 receivers some of us are searching high and low for them. I have 3 DTM kits now that need at this time. Please let me know or let me know if you know of anyone else out there that may be working on these items as always its appreciated.

  • David Lowrey (1428 days)

    Hi I was wondering what you guys think it would cost to make semi auto mp40s. I understand it would be expensive for your company to make them. I was just curious as to the feasibility and cost. And one other question how many fg42s have you guys made so far?

  • Rick Smith (1392 days)

    Hi Edward,
    No Idea on the DP receivers as we still are behind on the FG42 project. Honestly unless we could do a run of 50 it won’t justify the expense of doing it.


  • Rick Smith (1392 days)

    Hi David,
    No real idea on the cost. It was one we wanted to do in the beginning but looking at the projects done on that exact weapon done every bit as good as we could do that didn’t sell enough to keep those companies alive made me thing the market was too small for it to be built.


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