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DP28 / DPM / DT…………….    Here we go…….

         Since you have expressed interest in our DP series program being started here is a breif sheet you can submit with your 100.00 non refundable deposit to get you on the waiting list. The receivers / builds will be sold in order of the names on the list so you will get priority by being on it.
    There is a chance that the receivers will be finished before the barrels are in which case we will ship those out to customers that only wanted to purchase them vs customers that wanted a build. This will in no way cause a delay in the builds as receivers are committed to a customer in the order of the list. So…….
      Note: New chrome bore barrels and semi auto FCG parts are available through our online store at:
– Any rifle that has to be built / modified to meet Ca. requirements is a +150.00 for the mag. / muzzle brake mods.
1) Want to purchase just the receiver. (please specify DP28 or DPM) – 795.00 + shipping
2) Want to purchase a build using my (customers) parts kit and good usable barrel. – 2,250.00 + 70.00 shipping.
  + 175.00 on the DP28 if your barrel shroud is cut as we have to make a new one.
3) Want to purchase a complete semi auto DP28 / DPM from SMG. – 2,750.00 + shipping
 + 175.00 on the DP28 as we have to make a new one.
Please choose from the options above. Then Send your choice with a check for 100.00 to:
1033 CR 4380
Decatur, Tx. 76234        



This includes enough US compliance parts to allow you to use any standard DP mag.. We build these kits using our new complete receiver and yes – you can change out the barrel just as the original.

The list of variations of methods of kit destruction and the subsequent new parts/methods/options to building them is just as broad and has pushed us into deciding to only do builds on the completely new receiver. The complete new receivers are made from solid blocks of 4140 properly heat treated and will feature the reproduced circle 11 and probably 1953 (or current date) to add to the original look.

We have built many DP28/DPM’s using or receiver in the past without issue and although it is not put together using those original receiver peices you also don’t have those strips in the bluing that you sometimes have with the welded version.

You will receive a built, refinished and test fired semi auto rifle in a fitted wooden shipping chest.

Effective Immediately  11-01-12 and still in effect as of 04-27-16…..

Due to putting all efforts into the FG42 project we are going to suspend all Bren/ZB series builds until further notice.

Thanks for your understanding.

Effective immediately – 03/22/12 – Build prices are going up 200.00.

We changed the prices today to reflect this so the prices listed on this page are the current new prices – regardless of anything on other pages on this site. I try to catch them but I am better at making guns than running the computer. We are basically not taking on ANY more builds from customer kits on anything until summer and the Bren/ZB summer build session is already full. Next run will probably be between Nov. – Dec. but not sure until we get through the summer and see what it looks like. If you already have your kit/deposit here then you are in at the old prices!

If you have to know the exact day your weapon will ship – please save yourself the anxiety of letting us do the work – too much going on here.

Thanks for your patience and your business!

Note: California, or other states that require mag release, muzzle brake, mag restriction mods, etc will add 150.00 to the build price on every firearm.

All prices are + shipping. We can’t figure out how to get them to do it for free so…….


Build a legal semi auto Bren MKII rifle from your complete buildable parts set: $2,150.00. Add $100.00 for the MKI. This includes enough US compliance parts to allow you to use any standard Bren mag and we refinish your old buttstock as best we can and install a new pistol grip.

+$300.00 for one of the more recent hack jobs that cut through the mag release/bolt locking pad recess.

+$150.00 for a new buttstock

You will receive a built, refinished and test fired semi auto rifle in a fitted wooden shipping chest or hard gun case.




Build a legal semi auto rifle from your complete buildable parts set: $2,550.00. This includes enough US compliance parts to allow you to use any standard ZB mag and we refinish your old buttstock as best we can.

+$150.00 for one of our new flash cones that are dead ringers for the original one but not only serve as a 922r compliance part but increase the gas pressure to ensure reliable function. Takes the place of the not so nearly as nice standard replacement flash cone that comes with the build.

You will receive a built, refinished and test fired semi auto rifle in a fitted wooden shipping chest.




  • james way (2175 days)

    i am looking for a price on a barrel for a pps43 chambered in 9mm. I am looking for a 10 barrel, but would be interested in other lengths. thanks

  • Rick Smith (2162 days)

    Hi James,
    Sorry for the delay in response – busy busy here. We no longer build the carbine and when we did the barrels were supplied to us by Military Gun Supply in Ft. Worth Texas as they were the buyers for these. You might try them.


  • Stephen B. McCartney (2154 days)

    I have a MKI Bren parts kit. Do you still make a semi auto
    from these. Otherwise, I do have MKII kit, but prefer the
    MK I. I’ve had the ML I kit for about 12 years, with torch cut

  • Rick Smith (2153 days)

    We are in the middle of a Bren build session right now and will be finishing them up in about 4 weeks. The next session is for the end of the year and it is full. The next after that is around Feb-March of next year and we are already taking kits and/or deposits for that one. When it fills it will be another 3-4 months before the next. If you are interested we would need your buildable kit and/or a 250 deposit to put you on the board. Thanks for your interest!


  • Joe Szul (2105 days)

    Hi guys, from your website it looks like you won’t be doing any DP builds until next year. Is there any way I can get on the board? My kit has two torch cuts to receiver, pretty clean, and no barrel drill holes. Appreciate your time.


  • zackary smith (1922 days)

    if i have a kp 44 kit how much for you guys to build it for me

  • zackary smith (1922 days)

    if i have a kp 44 kit how much for you guys to build it for me. If i have the receiver repair section and feed ramp

  • Rick Smith (1921 days)

    No, sorry. That is a very time consuming build to do right and we stopped loosing money doing them about 3 years ago. Cool little gun when done right though!

  • Matt (1864 days)

    Do you guys do builds from kits not listed on here? Such as a Beretta 38a or mp34?

  • Rick Smith (1857 days)

    Right now we aren’t even doing any of our normal builds due to the FG42 project. We only have ATF approval letters on the guns listed on our website. Nothing on the Beretta or MG34. You might check with builders like Dennis at Midwest Metals. I understand he does awesome work and if he doesn’t do those builds he might have a lead on someone that does.


  • sterling (1814 days)

    Hi when will you be resuming dp28 builds?

  • Rick Smith (1808 days)

    Not sure – just now doing the ones that were promised late last year. After these we may not do any more for a while. We are out of new barrel shrouds and that is a key part.

  • Doyle Castanie (1743 days)

    When is your next bren run?

  • Rick Smith (1743 days)

    Hi Doyle,
    Not really sure when – or if there will be another one at this point.

  • Weston (1533 days)

    If I can supply all the parts I need for you guys to build a PPS-43 carbine in 9mm,will you do it?

  • Rick Smith (1530 days)

    Sorry, like the website says, we just don’t have time with the FG42 project. I am about certain sure we will never again build them. They are just too time intensive. In fact at some point our intent is to sell off everything we have at whatever stage of completion they are at with that project.


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