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Smith Manufacturing Group

We got our start as many in the industry have – through our love of military style firearms from both a collecting AND shooting standpoint. And since we had years of experience of manufacturing in the aerospace industry it just seemed a natural progression when the opportunity came up to start building the things we liked to play with.

With the insight of some helpful individuals already in the firearms industry we were able to get a toehold into our start.  That said I would like to thank The folks at Wise Lite Arms in Boyd Texas for giving us projects to work on in the beginning and MGS in Ft Worth Texas for buying and selling our products over the years for without them we probably wouldn’t be in the business at all.  Thanks!

And, I would like to thank all of our customers who have purchased from us either directly or indirectly over the years without whom we FOR SURE would not still be in the business!  Thanks!

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  • Tom (2221 days)


    I was wondering if you are still building the Degtyarev DP28 LMG Semi-auto Rifle. I saw on Military Gun Supply they only have 2 left in stock. Are these the last 2 ever or are you continuing to build them?


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