ZB-26, 30, and ZB30J


The ZB vz. 26 was a Czechoslovak light machine gun developed in the 1920s, which went on to enter service with several countries. It saw its major use during World War II, and spawned the related ZB vz. 27, vz. 30, and vz. 33. The ZB vz. 26 influenced many other light machine gun designs including the FM 24/29 light machine gun, the Bren and the Type 99 Light Machine Gun. The ZB-26 is famous for its reliability, simple components, quick-change barrel and ease of manufacturing.


We have recreated many of these rifles for individuals as close to the gun they were before deactivation, with the exception of firing in semi-automatic of course.  A weapon that has proven to be a gorgeous collectors’ piece as well as shooters dream!  We currently do not stock these firearms, due to the rare nature of the parts sets.  We do, however, offer builds *click here* on our gunbroker ad.  The build includes welding, machining, new parts(compliance 9222r), and shipment to you in a wooden crate to keep it safe! We also offer an upgrade flash cone that not only serves as a compliance part and adds gas pressure to ensure reliable function but looks amazingly like the original!


  • CALEB BROWN (784 days)

    I have a ZB30, MP40, and MG34 that I would like to build into semi autos eventualy. I would be interested in having you repair them if possible.

  • Rick Smith (784 days)

    Hi Caleb,
    We could build the ZB30 for you but we don’t have a build letter or do builds on the other two.


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