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The Bren, usually called the Bren Gun, was a series of light machine guns adopted by Britain in the 1930s and used in various roles until 1991. While best known for its role as the British and Commonwealth forces’ primary infantry light machine gun (LMG) in World War II, it was also used in the Korean War and saw service throughout the latter half of the 20th century, including the 1982 Falklands War and the 1991 Gulf War. Although fitted with a bipod, it could also be mounted on a tripod or vehicle-mounted.

The Bren was a modified version of a Czechoslovak-designed light machine gun, the ZB vz. 26, which British Army officials had tested during a firearms service competition in the 1930s. The later Bren featured a distinctive curved box magazine, conical flash hider and quick change barrel. The name Bren was derived from Brno, the Czechoslovak city where the Zb vz. 26 was originally designed, and Enfield, site of the British Royal Small Arms Factory).

In the 1950s the Bren was rebarrelled to accept the 7.62x51mm NATO cartridge. It was replaced in the British Army as the section LMG by the L7 general purpose machine gun (GPMG), a heavier belt-fed weapon. This was in turn supplemented in the 1980s by the L86 Light Support Weapon firing the 5.56x45mm NATO round, leaving the Bren in use only as a pintle mount on some vehicles.

As of November 2007, the Bren is still manufactured by Indian Ordnance Factories as the “Gun, Machine 7.62mm 1B”.


These rifles look and feel just the like the original but will function only in a semi automatic operation.  Many were originally built in the Inglis factory in Canada with a few British kits as well, we have re-manufactured these using the torched-up parts set that we’re all used to seeing. As well we utilize a new butt stock and pistol grip in our builds that help make our semi auto Brens 922r compliant even using original magazines!

Each of these beautifully redone firearms comes fully assembled, test-fired, with one proven to the gun magazine, and a wooden crate for transport.  We currently are selling complete guns and builds on gunbroker. We also offer other custom build options on The MkI, MkII, MkIII variants!  We have a limited number of these guns built and in stock so let us know how we can make your day!  A design that has been proven for a 61 year track record, and can still be found in service in some countries even today.


  • Matthew Bures (2875 days)

    Do you sell 100% complete bren receivers?
    I am a FFL, and builder and would like to build a couple of Brens.

  • Rick Smith (2875 days)

    We didn’t pursue the new Bren receiver as the feedback we received was the cost was too high with all the weldable receivers still available. So, right now all we offer is the build service on kits. Thanks for the inquiry though!

  • bob kinsley (2747 days)

    Do you sell them in .308 or the original .303 or both?

  • Rick Smith (2746 days)

    Hi Bob,
    We only can build what we have kits for so we only have .303 guns available. The .308 version requires a different bolt etc so unless you have a .308 kit….

  • IC GUNS (2613 days)

    Durability , has anyone run 10k runs through your Bren problem free?.

    Warranty how long?,who pays shipping if there was a problem?.

    Thank you

  • Rick Smith (2613 days)

    No one I know of has run 10k in ammo through any of their semi auto Brens in a durability test and neither have we. With the price of .303 ammo and the limited number being sold it is an upside down proposition at best. I would put our semi build up against anyone elses in a durability run. Maybe we each bring our build and run em till they quit and the looser pays for the winners ammo? If it needs to be sent back because of a component failure within the one year from purchase period we pay shipping and if it is sent in because it no longer runs because it was re-assembled wrong or let rust up without cleaning and doesn’t work then the shipping is on you the customer. Both of these examples have taken place in case you are wondering.

  • Martin Maloney (2286 days)

    Hi,I would like to buy 1 of your semi auto Bren Guns.How/where do I begin???Thanks,Martin.

  • Thomas Hauslein,L&T SALES,07/02 (2169 days)

    Do you do any subcontract work?…such as Bren build,rec already form2, and possibly 54r caliber

  • Rick Smith (2167 days)

    Hi Thomas,
    We are just too busy right now with what we are already behind on to take on any one off stuff. Thanks for asking though!


  • Bert (1942 days)

    Dear sir do you know of a company by the name of H & R Guns that re-welded(full auto) Brens before the 1986 ban? Do you know of any Brens that were re-welded and any issues with them.


  • Rick Smith (1931 days)

    I don’t – sorry.

  • Peter Hayden (1837 days)

    Hi Rick,

    What are the legalities in owning a semi auto 303 Bren gun in the UK ?.

    Can I buy one on my FAC with a variation ?.



  • Rick Smith (1836 days)

    I have no idea what the laws are in the UK. If you are a Brit you will know more about that than I. I can tell you we DO NOT export at this time.


  • Karl F (1760 days)

    1, are you still building and selling Bren Mk 1′s from your kits?
    2. If so when will you be taking orders or putting people on the list again?

  • Rick Smith (1753 days)

    The Bren/ZB/DP series builds are still on indefinite hold after we finish up the ones we committed to late last year. If anything changes we will post a notice on this site. Thanks for your interest!


  • ede (1718 days)

    Are you going to be rebuilding any Bren Guns anytime soon??

  • Rick Smith (1716 days)

    Not sure – just now doing the ones that were promised late last year. After these we may not do any more – unless on new receivers.

  • Pat Smithwick (1586 days)

    Do you have any of the semi parts available for sale?

  • Rick Smith (1586 days)

    None right now – sorry.

  • Bill (1573 days)


    I would like to know if you might have any .308 bolt assemblies (full auto) for sale or maybe direct me when I may find one.

    Thank you


  • Rick Smith (1569 days)

    Hi Bill,
    If you mean for the Bren gun no, sorry. I have no idea where those could be found. We considered making some from scratch but decided there was no market based on the lack of the rest of the .308 version being available.


  • Mark (1491 days)

    good morning, my father had a BREN kit stashed away for a while, it looks complete with 2 barrels and all the small parts…I have seen on some of the gun forums issues with some of the receivers, is it possible to send you a pic of my receiver and tell me if its possible to be rewelded ?? how much this service would cost ?? and would it be possible to to a 7.62x54R conversion with the bolt ( or ZB-39 bolt ) use ZB-39 mags and re-chamber both barrels to 7.62x54R .

    please provide me an address to send you some better pics of the receiver, what would the turn around time on something like this be ?? I’m not in a hurry

  • Rick Smith (1489 days)

    Hi Mark,
    Like it says here on the site – all builds like this are on semi permanent hold due to the FG42 project. If/when this changes we will post on the site. Thanks for your interest and sorry we couldn’t help right now.


  • Callum (1426 days)

    Hi Rick

    Just wanted to drop a note to say that my Inglis Mk II has now had over 1000 rounds through it, without a failure, miss-feed or cause for concern!
    I wish the trigger pull was shorter, and it had a BHO feature, but that’s nit picking.

    Bravo SMG!

  • Steve Rains (384 days)

    Hi folks. Can you help me find a 7.62×51 barrel for my rusty Bren gun? Thanks for your time.

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