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Effective Immediately  11-01-12

Due to putting all efforts into the FG42 project we are going to suspend all Bren/ZB/DP series builds until further notice.

This, coupled with the election results have us feeling the need to concentrate on the most pressing things. If you are already on the list you are good to go – everything else is on hold. Thanks for your understanding.

Effective Immediately – 03/22/12 – Bren and ZB build prices are going up 200.00 for the basic build price. We just finished a run of 5 and will not be doing more until summer and that build group is full already. This is not retroactive so if you are in already with your kit or deposit you are in at the old price.

Finished today – 03/21/12.

Bren building stuff – out of stock as of 01-01-18 – no idea if we will be making more in the future.

We are also going to offer a semi auto conversion of Bren lowers which covers our newly machined trigger, sear, and dis-connector, as well as welding and re-machining your safety selector to remove the FA position, machine for and install the striker spring tube, drill and refit your butt stock, weld in the striker rod spring tube, assemble and test for proper function the cost is: $455.00

What you get is:
1) Pistol grip: send yours for a master or we make one from ours : 50.00
2) Striker – made from 4140 and heat treated so it lasts:  65.00
3) Striker spring tube and spring to be fitted and welded to your lower: 85.00 to drill, mill, weld, and install
4) firing pin – made from hardened 17-4 stainless: 45.00
5) trigger – made from hardened steel smooth contoured like the original : 35.00
6) sear – involved little part made from hardened 4140 : 50.00

7) dis connector – see above description (uses your return spring and plunger) l 75.00

8) Weld up and re-machine the selector area so it appears original but no longer has the FA position: $50.00

If you use these parts – listed above – in conjunction with your new US (welded ) receiver your Bren will be 922r compliant enough to allow you to use the original gas piston, keep your original buttstock, and use original unmodified mags.

We are not the cheapest and don’t care to be, but we build Brens that work, look good, and have barrels that point straight and change without a pipe wrench – we have had to “fix” a few builds so I know whats out there.

If you add up the prices you can save about 400.00 by doing it this way BUT……….  You save the money because we do not have to pay FET, we don’t have to sort out insufficient gas issues if they arise or do any other form of tweaking to get everything just right at test fire and we don’t have to blue it.  I am happy to pass those savings on to you if you would rather do it that way.

If you did it this way to save money then you HAVE TO SORT OUT THE MINOR ISSUES and deal with them. A Bren is a pretty straightforward build most of the time but issues do arise at times. And finally. WE have completed Brens and DP’s and such for guys that wanted to “do it themselves” and got in too deep – it happens. And there is no penalty – long as you don’t wreak it – but there is no money to be saved then either. You can just send it all back in to be completed for the remaining balance of the normal build fee.

Best regards,

Rick and Bryan


  • Nathan Jones (2390 days)

    ?? Are you guys using My ATF letter from WLA or did you do your own resarch and come up with your own design?

  • Rick Smith (2390 days)

    Hi Nathan,
    Not sure which build you are talking about but since we came up with all our own stuff I think the answer is no – we aren’t using your letter. Just curious which one you are even talking about?


  • john reckless (2207 days)

    What is the fully restored price starting from scratch. I do not have a kit.
    Do you sell or buy semi auto Bren’s. If so what price/ thank you John

  • Rick Smith (2207 days)

    Hi John,
    All the prices are listed on this website.


  • Mike (2117 days)

    Hi guys,

    I have a fully restored (semi auto converted) Bren MKII. The problem is that it won’t cycle properly but will fire once. I did not build it and I am the 2nd owner of it since it was built. I have tinkered with it for a year now and think it will need the correct made semi auto parts installed to correct the cycling problem. So would I need to buy the parts from you or send in the rifle to have you correct the problem?

    Thanks, Mike

  • Rick Smith (2117 days)

    Hi Mike,
    Who built the Bren? Normally if it shoots once but not more it is not the semi auto parts. We really don’t have a lot of time to fix other companies builds – have you contacted the one who built it? Brens have to be pretty close to just right or they won’t run – as you know of course.


  • Frank (2027 days)

    Why can’t you just build a semi auto receiver? Why do you need to do the whole gun?

  • Rick Smith (2026 days)

    Hi Frank,
    What exactly are you saying? That we should build new receivers or just be willing to do the weld work on a torched one from a parts kit? We were going to make new ones about 2 years ago but there was no interest from anyone unless we sold them at a price that would make it a non profit project.


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