We not longer build the KP44. The last ones we will probably ever build were delivered to MGS some time ago so if you want one I would call them ASAP!


A few KP44's when we used to build them - they were a PITA to get right!


This submachine gun was developed during 1943-44 at Tikkakoski OY, Finnish arms-making company, as a less expensive alternative to excellent but overly costly Suomi submachine gun. This weapon in fact was a reverse-engineered copy of Soviet PPS-43 submachine gun, adapted to 9×19 ammunition and used Suomi submachine gun magazines. Significant numbers of KP-44 submachine guns were manufactured at Tikkakoski factory during 1944 and 45, and these guns served with Finnish army for several decades after the war. The original KP-44 submachine gun is blowback operated, full automatic only weapon that fires from an open bolt.


Our semi-automatic KP-44′s are built from original parts kits and 100% stamped steel parts. The stock has been permanently fixed into the closed position to qualify as a pistol and are 100% ATF approved. They are available in limited quantities and can be purchased at Military Gun Supply


  • Feanteeva (2146 days)

    hi all my best world !!!

  • David Cubberly (1978 days)

    I am thinking of building 1 or more KP44s. I see that you stopped building them. Is there something I should know before I proceed?

  • Rick Smith (1978 days)

    At the risk of sounding rude all I can say is LOTS. Took a long time for us to iron it all out and then it was still a PITA to build.


  • Rick Smith (1705 days)


  • Name (required)andrew (1678 days)

    Would you guys do a custom build KP-44 rifle/carbine?
    Or at least the fire control group and/or bolt work?

  • Rick Smith (1677 days)

    Hi Andrew,
    We quit building the KP44 last year because of the level of time required to make it “right” verses the PPS43 which we were doing for the same price. It was just about a zero profit build and then the Poles started building the PPS43 pistols so we got out of that as well.
    No is the answer to both questions as we just don’t have the time to do free work – please do not take that wrong as we just can’t charge enough for it to be profitable. Centerfire has an add for the KP44 at a pretty great price – might be a good starting point on your project. Best of luck with it.


  • Name (required)andrew (1677 days)

    Did you build the ones that Centerfire is selling?

  • Rick Smith (1676 days)

    Hi Andrew,
    No we did not – I have no idea who did but if we had they could not have been sold for the price they are being listed at – it’s less than we would have charged to build them. I am curious myself.


  • Name (required)andrew (1676 days)

    I took a closer look at the pictures of the KP-44 that Centerire is selling. The weld job is well… easly tell where the (repair) welds are. I makes me wonder about the FCG/bolt job. I guess you will get what you pay for!
    P.S. I own one of your PPS43 carbines and love it! And would love to have a KP-44 carbine one. I even own a kit and repair parts (feed ramp, repair center, ect) I just don’t have all the tooling that is needed(bolt work, ect). Would you guys sell the drawing’s on how to do the job(even if it was just for fire control group). Or what would be the price have to be if someone had a kit and most of the parts. Just wondering, I know that time is money.
    Thanks again

  • Rick Smith (1676 days)

    I just saw a post about them being made by TNW so they should be a good product as TNW seems to be a builder of quality things. No idea why they aren’t on centerfires website today but know how things take longer to get rolling than planned. honestly the KP44 lower , and bolt parts for that matter, are the same – just modified to fit in the lower etc. The PPS43 homebuilders kit for the bolt and lower could be used to build a KP44 but we never made a kit specifically for the KP44 or a builders CD like with the PPS43 and there are enough differences that a separate one is probably needed.
    And honestly there are no drawings for the build – we just built them. Nothing to hide – and no secrets – we just never needed drawings. And I am sorry but we just don’t have any time to build one as if there was nothing else to do we are playing catchup on the FG right now. I am very happy you like your carbine – we like it too! If your feed ramp is the sheet metal version good luck with that. We canned that idea and made solid steel trunnion/feedramps for it and solved many problems all at once.
    And we submitted a sample to the ATF to get permission to sell what we thought were clearly non gun parts and got back a letter saying that we absolutely would not/could not sell them as individual parts.


  • kevin (1343 days)


    I’m sad that I came on the kp 44 scene to late to get one of your builds. I’ve been looking for one that someone might sell but had no luck. Are you aware of any of your customers that might like to sell theirs?


  • Rick Smith (1342 days)

    Hi Kevin,
    Wish I could help but I have no idea. We built less than 100 of them I think. And although we have had 2 in for repairs in the last couple of years they made no mention of selling – just shooting some more.


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