New Product possability…. RP46

Just to follow up some. We are now taking names/deposits for the belt fed set up for the DP series. I have desired, and been told we needed to, keep them as inexpensive as possible. Now that we have prototyped out all the parts except the top plate I can tell you a couple of things…… 1) That were are making them from solid like the originals (4140 steel) and 2) These while not technically challenging are huge consumers of machine time.
Take a look at the picture. Between the bottom tray, feed try, and top cover alone those chunks of starting steel weigh in at 36 lbs total on a belt feed assy. that when finished weighs right at 4 lbs. total……  That a lot of steel to move and we are using good machines, carbide tools, and high speed programming where possible.
So……   These first run sets, there may not be another run, are priced at 1,495.00.  Not inexpensive by any means but you aren’t going to make these the hard way like the originals very inexpensively. If you want one send a non refundable 100.00 deposit and your name to us and we will put you on the list.

This is just a heads up on a product we want to produce in the very near future but would like feedback first to evaluate the level of interest.   Go to the RP46 page on our web store at:  Or try these links…..  Fun stuff!

Intro – lots of talking but informative.


Semi auto RP46 demo.


Full auto RP46 demo.


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