ZB pics

A nice brace of ZB26's and a ZB30J ready to go home to their owners.

A little closer for receiver detail.

Another veiw.....

ZB26 with standard flash cone

ZB26 with new upgrade flash cone

ZB26 Flash cones

ZB30 Flash cones

ZB26 welded

ZB26 welded - right side

Finished ZB26

ZB26 top veiw

ZB26 in use long ago


  • Hector Matherne (1682 days)

    Dear sir,

    I have a transferable ZB26, I am looking for a really nice parts kit do you know where I could buy this kit? I am in need of a stock, barrel, gas cylinder, gas piston and extra bolt.

    Thanks for your time, Hector

  • Rick Smith (1681 days)

    Hi Hector,
    Sorry but we have no spares for the ZB series and could use some ourselves – in case you were to find a bunch for sale. Cool weapons!


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