PPS43 Pics

Semi auto pistol – Right side

No longer in production as of 01-01-11.

Semi auto pistol – Left side

A floor full of PPS43′s

Ready for assembly and test fire.

A few PPS43′s and one KP44 pistol awaiting a new home.

PPS43 SBR with working stock – yes we build these too!

A left side veiw of a well worn original – and you think our work is crude?


  • David Faltot (2156 days)

    Do you sell the pps43 in a sbr model? How much and what is availability?


  • Rick Smith (2155 days)

    Hi David,
    We have one up for sale on gunbroker.com right now – take a look.


  • Phil (1922 days)

    I live in Arizona can I get a full auto PPS 43 in 9mm?

  • Rick Smith (1921 days)

    Not from us unless you have an SOT and a law enforcement demo letter.

  • carl millison (1846 days)

    Hi, do you guys still offer the pps 43 with the long barrel and working stock?

  • Rick Smith (1844 days)

    We only made that for MGS in Ft Worth Texas and stopped when the cheap Polish imports started coming in.


  • Steve Rains (1653 days)

    Hi folks, I bought the PPS 43 conversion kit + CD.
    I am unclear on how the trigger itself gets added on to the new system. Sorry for my ignorance. Thanks so much!
    Steve Rains

  • Rick Smith (1652 days)

    Hi Steve,
    Who did you buy it from as checking the email I do not see your email address anywhere. On ours the trigger shoe – that has the 2 small original ears trimmed off is TIGed to the short pin provided that was first TIGed to the sear /hammer release plate. Make sure that you tack it first so that it has full range of travel in the original cut out and “feels right” to your finger before finalizing the weld. Hope this helps.


  • Frank (1600 days)

    Can you convert my PPS-43 to an SBR? It is an SMG built one. It seems to have a “pinned” stock. If so what is the costs?

  • Rick Smith (1600 days)

    Hi Frank,
    We have in he past but found the majority of the mechanisms were ruined when TIGed so even when we could get them apart they didn’t work. So then the only way to make them right was to cut the rear off the receiver and graft on one with a working stock and refinish the firearm. Most didn’t like the cost of that so now we try to convince them to just start an SBR as an SBR and sell the pistol. Less money that way. As long as we have a PPS43 almost complete we can do an SBR for $600.00 – brand new.
    To cut the rear off, graft on another, and re-finish is 250.00.


  • Bob Fuller (1597 days)

    Do you still offer the bolt conversion to semi auto and the FCG to go with it. We have 5 we’d like to get done.

  • Rick Smith (1596 days)

    No, we haven’t drilled a PPS43 bolt in years – sorry.

  • Bobby (1558 days)

    Will you ever build & sell a PPSh 41?

  • Rick Smith (1536 days)

    Hi Bobby,
    At the time there were enough kits available reasonable there were at least two other companies building them so we never pursued it. The time kind of came and went on that one.


  • Richard (1382 days)

    Can you build the pps-43/52 with a 16+” barrel for sale in MD? MD doesn’t like folding stocks. The 43/52 variety has a fixed wooden stock. Yes I understand that the 35 round magazine can’t be shipped to MD. (unless modded to hold 10 or fewer rounds)

    Obviously the original caliber would shoot great from a longer barrel.

  • Rick Smith (1380 days)

    Hi Richard,
    Sorry but we haven’t done any work on the PPs43 series in a few years now and just don’t have time to do it.


  • Dean Reagan (1340 days)

    Hi Richard, I have a PPS 43c from I.O. import. I removed the spring/pin assembly on the safety bar and now I cannot re-install the spring/pin. My problem is that I cannot collapse the spring over the pin close enough to install it. Is their a special tool I need to replace this spring/pin? If there is, where can I purchase one. Also, are their any videos concerning this assembly/disassembly? Thanks, Dean

  • Rick Smith (1339 days)

    I would contact the people you purchased it from for customer support. We did not build it nor support it – sorry.


  • aaron (1263 days)

    I have some pps 43 questions and was wondering if I could pick you brain?
    Thanks aaron

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