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All items below the line are no longer available at this time – or for the foreseeable future due to the FG42 project. This could change at any time but not for the moment. We have lots of PPS43’3 in various stages of being built we will offer on an “as is” basis but we have to find time to dig them out and sort/price it all out.


PPS43 Parts and pieces…..

We DO NOT offer any kind of partial build or bolt modification services – sorry.  You might look on either weaponeer.net or weaponsguild.com as these sights are devoted to home builders and have lots of good people and cool things.

We are offering (as long as we have the parts in stock) a home builders kit for the PPS43 pistol/carbine that we build. It would include all the parts and pieces that we use in our builds as listed below. In addition we would include important information such as hole locations, sizes, depths etc etc etc as well as helpful/important tips we have learned along the way to reduce the struggle in making them work. These kits can be offered as just a lower kit or a complete kit.

Also included in this kit is a very long BORING CD we made to help get you through this a little easier – hopefully.

Lower kit

1)  Hammer  -  machined and heat treated from 4140 steel

2) Sear – machined and heat treated ready to weld on your old trigger shoe – 4140 steel

3)  Trigger shoe pin to attach the old trigger shoe to the sear (weld on)

4) Disconnector  machined and heat treated

5) Hammer spring – custom wound from chrome vanadium steel for longevity

6)  Disconnector spring

7)  Hammer pin machined and heat treated

8)  Sear pin machined

9)  Hammer pin retaining hair pin

10)  Spacer plate

11)  Hammer pin reinforcing plate

12)  Bolt blocking pin

13)  Dimensions/locations for hole sizes things to be removed/modified, how to modify the original safety etc..

Bolt kit

1)  Bolt plate  welds on bottom of bolt proper material to size

2)  Striker rod assembly  machined spring cap welded on hardened rod

3)  Firing pin  machined and hardened – 17-4 stainless

4) FP retainer pin

5) FP pin bushing

6)  FP bushing retainer pin

7)  Striker rod spring

8)  Firing pin spring

9)  New urethane recoil buffer

10)  Recoil spring spacer  slotted ready for installation

11)  Dimensions / locations for hole sizes, mill flats etc

12)  Dimensions/ locations for the ejection port cutout, how to measure/ensure the receiver repair piece works  all the lengths come out right etc etc..

The price on the entire kit is $175.00  or  $125.00 if you just want the lower kit. The price reflects the cost of making and selling the parts but once I put a pencil to it it appears the info provided to make it happen  and work, is free or the cost of the kit is too high. The parts are made on CNC equipment from 4140 and my guys dont work for free not to mention cost of material in small quantity, heat treating, etc etc etc.  Make no mistake, this will not be a breeze to build as there are still certain things that have to be done like drilling the bolt nice and straight that if done wrong will leave you with a nice paperweight.

It will however give you a great starting place with a well proven design that has had 100s of builds and many updates/modifications done over the last few years that results in a reliable semi auto that still retains the original look as much as possible.

And yes I know that there are now very cheap Polish semi auto PPS43 pistols to be had for probably the same money as you will have in the one you built yourself but have you looked at that blocky trunnion they put in it? We dont want to complicate this by selling bits and pieces of this and that and thats why we have chosen to offer the three different options.

We also DO NOT have or will be selling parts kits, receiver repair sections or trunnions. Those are available elsewhere. As well, although we do manufacture new trunnions to go in our builds we have a letter from the ATF that very clearly states that we WILL NOT sell them separately period.

Limited time offer- semi auto modified bolt – ready to drop in and use!

click on pictures for full/larger veiw

Send in your stock/complete PPS43 bolt as it came to you in your kit (complete with extractor and spring etc please) and $150 + shipping and we send you back a completely machined/welded/assembled bolt! This DOES include the new striker rod, firing pin, pins, springs etc. Only valid until we sell into our immediate build stock then that’s it for the time being. – OUT of STOCK

Pictures of our modified bolt left up so you can see what we did. We do not offer this service – just don’t have the time – thanks!


  • Jared (1479 days)

    Are these kits still available? I’ve got a couple kits I’d like to build.

  • Rick Smith (1478 days)

    Hi Jared,
    Right now no. We have all of the PPS43 stuff stored away and had almost ran out of the small parts when we pulled the plug on the program a few years ago.
    At some point we are going to pull everything out and have a sale of kits in various stages of completion at different pricing but we just have to find the time. When we do we will announce it on the site and maybe fire up a sales ad or two on gunbroker.


  • Jon (1478 days)

    Hiya Rick,
    Would the CD be useful for a builder? If so, how much would you want for a copy?
    Thanks & Best Regards,

  • Rick Smith (1476 days)

    Hi Jon,
    Not for sure as it has been years since we made it and that long since I have looked at it. I know it was geared to using our FCG etc so might be of limited help in that regard in general build terms. Are you going to build one for yourself or want to build a bunch of them. We don’t see ever building any more and just curious the scale of your intent. We could sell you the entire project.


  • Jon (1470 days)

    Hi Rick,
    I’m just building one for myself, and am looking for data to assist in the build. It would seem that I am a few years behind the influx of builders. Unfortunately, I would not be able to buy the entire project.
    Thanks & Best Regards,

  • Rick Smith (1470 days)

    Hi Jon,
    Why don’t you write me at smgguns@yahoo.com with your specific needs and I will see what I have.


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