We are still in business as of 05-24-18 – for those that wonder……..


We are now getting between 1-2 thousand spam mails every day that we sift through to see that we don’t delete legitimate mail. This is a big time killer so until we get the site setup better we are going to ask that if you want to comment or ask a question etc you send it to us at smgguns@yahoo.com .  As of today all bulk spam here will be deleted and the hour or so will shift back to making rifles.  Thanks!


Simple problem of either working on rifles or trying to update the website. Yes we are still in business building FG42′s and so unless something new happens the website may not appear different to you. But we are still here!


  • Walt Dergowski (1687 days)

    Sir: I saw your video on your 16 inch carbine PPS43. Do you have any still available? If not do you know where I can obtain one, so my FFL dealer can order me one. Thanks! Walt

  • Rick Smith (1686 days)

    Hi Walt,
    We haven’t built the carbine in over 2 years and probably never will again – sorry.


  • daryl siemens (1661 days)

    whats the wait time on fg42 308?
    what do I need to do to get on the list?
    thanks, d.

  • Rick Smith (1660 days)
  • Ralph (1618 days)

    Are you guys still doing the semi kits for Bren? I have a MK1 I would like to do.


  • Rick Smith (1616 days)

    Hi Ralph,
    Sorry, like the website says, we just don’t have time with the FG42 project. I am not sure we will ever again build Brens from torched up kits. They are just too time intensive.


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