Bren Pics

A Ca. modified (mag release requires tool) Bren Mk I ready to ship!

Detail left side veiw of Mk I

Semi selector area detail

A Bren Mk II ready to go home to it's new owner!

Mk II rear veiw.

Mk II right rear

Mk II right front

Ca. compliant Mk II utilizing flash cone modified to a "muzzle brake" and "non pistol grip"

Detail of "non pistol grip"

Ca. compliant mag release that lets you use the original configuration pistol grip!

Detail of "muzzle brake" and it does work!

CA marked mag.

Example of a +$300.00 build kit receiver - right through the mag catch/bolt lock area.

Not easy to rebuld in this condition.

This is the most problematic area - in addition to the huge gaps and long diagonal cuts.....

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