.308 FG42

Ten of these rifles are .308 – can you tell which? Yep, this is the first lot of production .308 FG42′s to go out. Hopefully some of the folks that get them will post their impression/opinion of the rifle either here or on some public forum. All we can say is they just work really well!


We are now getting between 1-2 thousand spam mails every day that we sift through to see that we don’t delete legitimate mail. This is a big time killer so until we get the site setup better we are going to ask that if you want to comment or ask a question etc you send it to us at smgguns@yahoo.com .  As of today all bulk spam here will be deleted and the hour or so will shift back to making rifles.  Thanks!


Take a look at this cool video! www.youtube.com/watch?v=jN4lvZbAe04

Here are a couple of short vids of the .308 version firing ammo out of a M1A mag. :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NyQ9xVYC_7k         and        http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9LQ5RTBzNQ&list=UUx_82n4MtZMg13c_n0-Lt6A&index=2&feature=plc

We are making a list for those interested in buying the FG42 in .308 and if you want to be on that list please write us at smgguns@yahoo.com. The price is the same for the 8mm rifle – $5,495.00.

A little more info…..

The mags used are M1A mags with a different mag catch/notch cut and using the slightly narrowed (in the front only) G3 follower and spring to get away from the bolt stop on the follower that the original M1A mag has.  This sounds like a big deal but G3 mags are cheap and it is the best thing we have come up with yet that works 100% over and over again. The stock M1A mag will work simply by cutting the new mag catch but once the bolt has driven it down into the mag body after the last round a few times it starts to cause feed issues.

We have shot the .308 rifle enough without any issues that we will be building that rifle using the M1A mag with the re-dimensioned mag adapter and mag doors.

Attached pics are of the .308 rifle sides as they are on a 8mm cut receiver with the .308 mag adapter and 8mm length ejection port. Dimensions on the .308 adapter will be tightened so things will look even cleaner so don’t worry – we know it is not perfect.

And as always, let me know your thoughts


Best regards,

Pre production .308 rifle with scope but no mag doors yet utilizing M1A magazine with only mag catch modified – as compared to full production 8mm rifle.

Click on the picture for a larger full image.

Pre production .308 rifle next to full production 8mm rifle.

Another view. Yes this rifle shoots – it is the .308 test mule and will be taken to the 3 gun match this weekend.

As you can see in this view the .308 rifle does not have the dust covers on the magwell – pre production…..

A little closer for detail. You might notice the .308 rifle is wearing a solid walnut hand guard instead of the laminated version on the 8mm rifle. Both are linseed oil coated and honestly the walnut one looks a little darker than the flash makes it appear here. Any resemblance to you wifes favorite coffee table is purely co-incidental…..

Rifles are the same length despite the way it appears.

This shows how much too long the 8mm opening is in relation to the shorter .308 cartridge.

Magwell side showing the gap at the rear when a .308 adapter is mounted on a 8mm receiver. Why did we do this? We had an 8mm receiver handy for testing.

A little barrel heat from 240 rounds in 30 minutes.


    • David Kumhyr (2357 days)

      Wow lightning strikes twice!

      I love my 8mm FG42 II… and now a new one in 7.62… ohoh looks like I have to save up and buy a new matching FG42.

      Thanks for doing this Rick!

    • Rick Smith (2356 days)

      Hi Dave,
      We are so very glad you like your FG! We like it too! The .308 version is really working out well so far. We have a couple of small things to finalize but as far as basic function it works great! What I am also wanting to do asap is see how well it works with blanks as that may be a big point on this rifle as I bought 500 rnds of the plastic German blanks and they seem to feed very well…….


    • David Henry (2332 days)

      Looks great! Price not bad either for the quality! Really nice pics. I would be happy with either rifle! I can’t decide which I like best the 308 or 8mm? I love the M-14 mag smart move there. I can tell the design been well thought out! And you’ve put you heart into! O buy the way as a foot note of history,the 600m flip up rear sight by KNIGHT ARMAMENT was my design idea and was copied from an FG-42 type 1! Love your work! Can’t wate to get one!

    • Rick Smith (2332 days)

      Hi David,
      Thanks! I can’t tell you what to do on that one either as the recoil is about the same with both – when firing 150 grain loads. The biggie with some is the caliber and ammunition availability. You can see the lineage on that sight!


    • Jimmy Dunlap (2307 days)

      Having a slightly larger ejection port on the 308 rifle would not be a bad thing. It would give some extra room for positive ejection with different loads. If you could reduce the 8mm ejection port by half of what you are showing us, I would not think people would complain. What do you need from me to get on the 308 list as far as money? Thanks for a work of art and persistance. Jimmy PS What 308 barrels will you be using?

    • Rick Smith (2307 days)

      Hi Jimmy,
      The ejection port cannot be cut in half as there is only roughly 3/8 of an inch difference in length between the cartridges so that is the change that will be made. Based on what we have found so far with the .308 test rifle all the .308 rifles will have the mag adapter/opening/doors/ejection port scaled back for the cartridge. It will be an overall cleaner look and needs to be done. The only downside is it will probably add some time to the actual .308 delivery as all the receivers we had on the floor had already been cut to 8mm specs as at the time they were machined we were not anticipating getting to the .308 version so soon. The production rifles in boh calibers will be utilizing brand new chrome bore barrels made by a major barrel maker. We haven’r received them yet but they have been on order for some time now.
      If you are interested in getting on the list for one email me at smgguns@yahoo.com.


    • Michael (2260 days)

      What scope mounts are compatible with the rail that is on this rifle?

    • Rick Smith (2259 days)

      Hi Michael,
      Nothing is compatible unless it mates to the originals 60 dovetail. We made those mounts as nothing was available and I did not have a ZF4 scope – but did have a ZFM Swarovski I liked so…….

    • Steve Cogswell (2180 days)

      Rick, if/when you get a moment, I’d like to see pix or a description of the modification to the M-14 magazine.
      BUT…only if it doesn’t slow down completion of my rifle! :-D


    • Rick Smith (2162 days)

      Hi Steve,
      We will try to get something up/out on this as soon as we get a breather. We have tried a number of mags and different combinations of mag bodies/springs/followers to get a follower without the bolt hold open feature. The mag was pretty easy – just a standard M1A/M14 mag with a notch ground/cut into the mag catch bar on the backside of the mag body – works great and can be done with a grinder/Dremel in a pinch. The follower was another story. The rifle would function great for the first 2-3 loadings and after that having the bolt slam the follower down into the mag body after the last round left the follower deformed enough to cause un-reliable feeding. We solved this entirely by using the M1A mag body and a slightly modified HK G3 mag follower and spring which works so well because it has no hold open on the follower. This is stop gap in all likelihood as even though it works very well and is very easy to do it requires 2 mags to get one. We are probably going to get to make custom followers for this but until then the HK spring/follower in the M1A mag body works perfect.
      We will still supply 2 mags with each rifle and probably a template as well for both the mag catch/notch and the mods to the HK G# mag follower so you can do this yourself. I know it is not the answer that we all wanted but lots of test fire ammo later this is the reliable fix – as in 100% reliable.


    • Steve Cogswell (2162 days)

      Thanks for the info, Rick; I ordered 2 dozen G3 mags to go with the M14 mags already dedicated to this rifle.
      The requirement for a HK donor mag is no big deal right now, since G3 mags are going for about $2 each. But, for mag-whores like me, it’s good to know what to start hoarding.
      Steve Cogswell

    • Rick Smith (2161 days)

      Hi Steve,
      Understood! We bought a couple of hundred from the same source for that very thing. I am hoping by the time we sell through that many rifles we will have the follower problem resolved.


    • Surculus (2069 days)

      Maybe I’m missing something here: why not just make it so it utilizes G3 mags [at 1/5 the cost of M1A mags] & save the whole “G3 follower in an M1A mag body” nonsense?

    • Rick Smith (2067 days)

      The part you are missing is what the rifle looks like with the G3 mag stuck in it. The mag stops on the side of the mag have nothing to stop against unless we extended the mag adapter on the rifle to match and then the rifle looks goofy. This is not mentioning the fact the overall width of the G3 mag body is wide enough that not only the mag adapter would be have to match but so would the cut out in the receiver. This can all be done and from the standpoint of just “keep it simple and working” makes sense but we are trying to maintain not just function but a look as well.

      Sorta hard to please everyone, and we can’t have different mag adapters for this and that mag. Because to do it right each one has to be not only fitted in the mag adapter but test fired enough to prove everything is as it should be, mag body to bore axis, feed lip support/angle, etc etc etc. Otherwise we get rifles back because they do not feed right. I have looked at many mags and welcome any suggestions as my real ideal would be a mag that “looks right”, works, and is cheap and available everywhere. FAL mags are out – feed lips all wrong. G3 we just discussed, new plastic mags for the POF AR10 rifle – same problems as the G3 – and are plastic so the look is off.

      Whatever mag we use has to have the right feed lip configuration, NO bolt hold open tab on the follower, the right look, mag catch at the rear of the mag, front catch that can be modified for etc etc etc. The best of all for us would simply be a M1A mag follower without the bolt hold open tab! And yes we have plans to have them made or make them ourselves but we are on overload right now. Helpful ideas are always welcome!


    • William O. B’Livion (2015 days)

      That’s a dead sexy piece of work.

      Good On Ya!

    • […] Action Challenge Match this weekend with an M1 Garand (and competing against a friend shooting an SMG Guns FG-42). So I’m fiddling with some 8-round clips of .30-06 and I’m thinking to myself, does it […]

    • Mitch (1699 days)

      how much are the semi auto Fg42s going for in price?

    • Rick Smith (1698 days)

      Same price as listed on the website. – $4,995.00 + shipping.

    • lucas p (1623 days)

      got mine the other day it is sweet gonna brea it in this week!

    • Andy (1541 days)

      I am saving to get either the 8mm or the .308 version. The tipping point for me is ammo availability, quality and price. How do these calibers compare to each other in these categories?


    • Rick Smith (1530 days)

      Hi Andy,
      The ammo quality, availability, and price are something best answered by looking on the internet or where you normally buy ammo. I think .308 will always be easier to find but new 8mm is out there as well for about the same price as loaded by PIVI or Wolf etc.
      I know this doesn’t tell you much but we have the same issues sourcing ammo.


    • Mark Richards (1522 days)

      Let me tell you, that fg is one awesome gun to shoot. I have shot hundreds of rounds through them. Unfortunately is was only in the video game…”Castle Wolfenstien” but the ammo was not very plentiful to find. And should save them for the really bad guys. Enough of this kid talk, after all I am 66 yrs old. Your weapons look top notch…..maybe someday I can own one or three……Mark

  • John Dace (1501 days)

    Rick, This 8mm FG is beautiful. In the recent article in National Rifleman the writer pointed out the same thing I wondered in the 60s when I first read about these rifles. The grip is uncharacteristic of other German guns of the era, or since.
    I’d like to see you rewrite history(you did already by making the .308 version) with an optional grip frame assembly with an MP40 profile handle or MP44 profile. If development had continued the Germans probably would have done that anyway. What do you think?

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